Thursday, March 20, 2008

Glass Lamps - MiniMolli Designs

Ok so some of you know that I have been working on getting some lamps made and some of you don't so I am going to bring everyone up to speed on my glass lamp making adventure.

The Backstory:

MiniMolli is a serious Eames Furniture fan, with a touch of Knoll and anyone else from that time that had style. MiniMolli is an old soul when it comes to furniture. It is just who she is. She buys old stuff, refurbs it, sands it stains it, oils it, rebuilds it, and she has projects in the shop now that need to be finished. the way...cough..... Anyway! So she has been sort of hinting...ok begging me...ok I am kidding hun *wave*, asking with force that I make a couple of matching smoky bronze colored table lamps. Now I will admit that she has been asking for about a year for me to do this. Mostly for the following three reasons.

#1. She knows that I can make them. They are difficult to do just right and I never really have taken the time to sit down and plan how to do it. Something of this size with the weight/neck width/base is not going to be a walk in the park.

#2. These things are expensive. Even the one that I found at home depot that is not really anything like the ones I am making are about 300 bucks and I have seen one closer to what I am trying to pull off in the area of 1200 smackers. They are clear glass, lighter weight, and not as large. Plus mine is well...mine which makes them that much cooler.

#3. I was impressed with her tenacity about doing this. She actually stop taking reasons for me not doing it and just started asking when it would be done. Then she said the magic words, and I am not sure these are exact words because I may have fallen into a state of shock, "If you can't hack it just let me know I will buy them"...WHAT! Talk about throwing the gauntlet down.

Well now it is on like Red Dawn! My shop outside is not large enough to make the size of iteam we are talking about here. We are talking about 10 inches across at that base and about 36 inches long. I don't have that kind of equipment...seriously. Hand blowning this is a big gauntlet she has tossed and I have my worries about pulling it off.

Last night I tried for the 3rd Wed. in a row to get a good lamp out. I will admit that I have been less than successful with the first two trys. They turned out to be kind of cool looking large vases but not the shape or weight that I was looking for. To make it clear I could not hack it. Then last night everything was magic. All the mistakes kind of forced me to do things different and everything clicked and I think I have a working process now that will lend to the second one being nice as well. The trick is going to be making two that are close enough to be considered a set to the naked eye.

So the great Lamp Building Gauntlet of 2008 is on, like Donkey Kong! I will try to get some pictures up this weekend of the progress.



MiniMolli said...

I CAN'T WAIT to see my completed lamps!!

FYI, here's a nugget of info for you: Charles and Ray Eames were furniture designers. Knoll and Herman Miller are production companies that make the furniture of designers like Eames. THIS is my current new obsession. I will have one.... someday, like when I win the lottery.

Ok, off to find lampshades!

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Chunk said...

I know what you mean, I was putting off fixing the toilet until She came up with.....those dreaded words..... like a knife into my manlyness....

"Do we need to call a plumber?"