Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Contest is Starting....today. --sort of.

Ok here are the rules.

#1. One guess per person.

#2. You can send as many people as you like to guess and that will get you multiple submissions for the "marble" prize for referrals.

#3. If they send someone, and you sent them, I will make a second marble. (Are you kidding do people honestly think there will be nested refferals? Then both of the people will get a marble..I will continue this down the line until 3 marbles.)

#4. Don't guess early it will not count until I post the "Ok lets go guess" post in two days. Then we will have submissions to guess for one whole week.

#5. That Cat is not the prize.

Contest "how to"

Just guess the number of glass nuggets in the bowl. Going over or under makes no difference. I will take the one that come nearest to the number of nuggets.

Here is the first shot of the nuggets. I will post more tomorrow with better perspective and the picture of the prizes. This is just a teaser photo.

That is PK (The shop cat) who protects the glass from birds, mice, lizards, and all other manner of pest. Be scared...be very scared. As you can tell by look on her face as MiniMolli started to reach for my 90-minute ale, she is very protective of my stuff.




The Phosgene Kid said...

How's the punkin' production going??

G3T Films said...

Run! It's a panther!

This is going to be much harder to guess than the marbles I think.

Damsel Underdressed said...

What a pretty kitty! Looks like my Mulligan before he got fat. ;)

Andrew said...

How big is that cat?
Did you blow that bowl?
What if all those nuggets melt would that be just one piece?
1 melted. that may be my answer.