Monday, March 3, 2008

The Contest is at hand.

Ok guys so the leg work for the contest is done. Here is how it is going to go down I just have to make the litte stuff happen at this point.

#1. I have taken the pictures of the "contest".

#2. I have made the prizes.

#2.5. MiniMolli took pictures of the prizes while I was making them.

#3. I have taken pictures of the prizes once finished and out of the lehr.

#4. I know what the contest is going to be.

#5. It is going to be a single prize contest this time. One ornament and one "you sent them to me" prize which is a marble.

Now what I have to do it let everyone know that I am going to have the contest. I guess that will include but not be limited to me getting on everyone's blog and letting them know I am having a contest. So it is on! I should be posting the picutres and the offical start will be tomorrow.



Jason said...

Coll...I am ready....

Jason said...

I meant to say, "Cool." I am such a knob.....

G3T Films said...

I'm coll too.

I'm not a knob, just a smart-arse... wait.. no, a knob!