Friday, March 28, 2008

The Pinky is the fun digit.

What the hell is going on with my pinky finger. Did I use it to kill someone in a past life? Did it do some kind of unspeakable evil like I don't know.... single fingeredly spread a pandemic of subnail fungus to the indigenous tribes of Borneo? I only ask this because I have crushed you under a brick, sliced you with a knife, maimed you with a drill, sanded you with my lapwheel, caught you in a door jam, burned you with a torch, nearly cut you off with a broken piece of glass(only visit to the Emergency Room), and then last night a sheet of plywood sliped in my hand taking off a good 5 layers of good healthy top soil and planting a splinter the size of #2 pencil in you my little pink friend.

Pinky I am sorry. You have taken so much and I have given so little. You hit the "P" key for me with such dexterity and we will not even bring up how you slide over and snap up that backspace button so much better than any of your other 9 brothern. I have taken you for granted but no more! NO MORE!

I name this "Pinky Day" and pay tribute to you, oh great right handed mini apendage of mine. May you live in peace and comfort from this day forth. I shall even buy you a glove to live in and take you out drinking tonight to show my sincerity because I know how you love the cool feeling of a cold drink against your caloused shell.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Art In Bloom - Pensacola Florida

One of our close friends who owns Fiore is spearheading the Art in Bloom here in Pensacola. You might be wondering what "Art in Bloom" is so here is a little snippit.


Art in BloomThursday, April 10 – Sunday, April 13, 2008

In an effort to support the on-going programming of the Pensacola Museum of Art, this spring, Art in Bloom, a benefit for the Museum, will be presented for the first time in Pensacola. The event is modeled after other successful and popular Art in Bloom events at museums around the country, which draw 3,000-20,000 event visitors and raises significant funds for these organizations. This wonderful spring celebration will showcase the talents of floral artists, whose interpretative designs will be on display next to the work of art that inspires them from the exhibition, The Art Students League of New York: Selections from the Permanent Collection.


So besides this being really cool and mucho good business for my friend it has the added pleasure of having one of my pieces in it. I have been making glass flowers all week at night and have what I consider to be about 8 really cool ones. I could have just done the standard flowers but I wanted to knock it up a notch for this. I have a bunch that will not be going into this display that I might let her have to place in her other stuff if she wants them. I just realized that I need to make filler for the flowers as well, I totally forgot about that until just now.

Better call Mini and have her ramp everything up, I love my shop.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Porch Kitty and Sounds of Fury

She is pissed off and I don't blame her one bit. If I was sick, hungry, and cold I would be pretty much a bitter little monster as well. PK, or Porch Kitty who we took in under our arm at the Novota house one cold and damp night has feline leukemia ( FeLV ). Feline Leukemia is not a cancer like it is in humans but is really a retro-virus much like AIDS in Humans. In fact cats have thier own HIV called FIV. This is pretty much just and off shoot of the same type of virus as FIV but works a little bit different. The reason that it is was called Leukemia is that it settles in the bone marrow and often times the first thing that a cat gets after FeLV has rooted itself into a cats system is cancer. Basically the cat can't fight off anything and other virus, diseases, and anything else that will kill you can get a much faster hold on the little guys. It is spread by body fluids and is not airborne. Only cats can get FeLV. Dogs, humans, rats, we all have our own issues so you can mark this one off the list of things to worry about.

We knew something was pretty wrong because honestly she was in very very bad shape when we found her. She as all skin and bones, lost all but 4 of her teeth, and her coat looked like somone had left her in a mud puddle to die. She was in bad shape. After cleaning her up and taking her to the vet who gave her 3 to 4 weeks to live we decided to keep her and make her happy for however long she lasted. She just hit the 4 month mark but is showing signs that the FeLV is making a comeback. She has stopped eating as much, is loosing some hair, and has wild attitude changes. Last night she swiped me for the first time ever. Followed by her not wanting to leave my lap.

She is in pain and you can tell. I have never been in the roll of "taking care" of what is about to be a decision I really don't want to make. Where do you draw the line with a pet? How do you put that mark in the sand and say "Ok it's time". As much as it pains me to watch her get worse it has to be horrible for PK. Sigh, no one tells you that one day your going to have to kill something you care for when you take it in.


Monday, March 24, 2008

More on the Lamps.

UPDATE: Insert photo of phase 1 lamps. They look like pretty vases at the moment but will soon magically transform! And I now know that the mirror needs a good cleaning!

Ok so the Glass Lamps are now past the first part of the long road to being done. I somehow made two lamps that looks pretty much exactly the same. I personally like one of them better than the other but only because it was easier to make. The first one is always the easy one, it is making one just like that hands you your hat.

They are about 28 inches high and 11 inches wide at the base. They are super heavy on the bottom so that MiniMolli can get a nice wide shade and still keep them from falling over in a stiff wind...or a wayward cat drive-by. They are solid bronze in color, which is a fantzy name for dark grey/purple but they are the perfect color for what she was looking for. I know what you are thinking...bronze...grey? I always thought that bronze was a kind of goldish color, I mean the medals they give you at the olympics are kind of a coppery gold color right? Apparently this interpretation of the color is the "aged" version that is a kind like a vessel that has been sitting in the ground for 100 years getting a nice grey, or is it gray, patina. It think the color makers made a mistake going for black and just called it Bronze to sell it. I mean think about it. Would you buy "Light Black" for 30 bucks a kilo or "Bronze" for 30 bucks a kilo. I am going with Bronze based on the fact that I purchased it thinking ...ewwww Bronze!

Anyway, maybe I can get MiniMolli to post a picture of the lamps before I start working on getting the tops sanded down for the light posts. If not I will put up before and after pics with the final "hey we are done" pictures.

Hope everyone had a good time this weekend!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy in Hawaii

This is what I look like when surfing in Hawaii. I look happy.
Hope you guys have a good weekend....Happy Easter.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Glass Lamps - MiniMolli Designs

Ok so some of you know that I have been working on getting some lamps made and some of you don't so I am going to bring everyone up to speed on my glass lamp making adventure.

The Backstory:

MiniMolli is a serious Eames Furniture fan, with a touch of Knoll and anyone else from that time that had style. MiniMolli is an old soul when it comes to furniture. It is just who she is. She buys old stuff, refurbs it, sands it stains it, oils it, rebuilds it, and she has projects in the shop now that need to be finished. the way...cough..... Anyway! So she has been sort of hinting...ok begging me...ok I am kidding hun *wave*, asking with force that I make a couple of matching smoky bronze colored table lamps. Now I will admit that she has been asking for about a year for me to do this. Mostly for the following three reasons.

#1. She knows that I can make them. They are difficult to do just right and I never really have taken the time to sit down and plan how to do it. Something of this size with the weight/neck width/base is not going to be a walk in the park.

#2. These things are expensive. Even the one that I found at home depot that is not really anything like the ones I am making are about 300 bucks and I have seen one closer to what I am trying to pull off in the area of 1200 smackers. They are clear glass, lighter weight, and not as large. Plus mine is well...mine which makes them that much cooler.

#3. I was impressed with her tenacity about doing this. She actually stop taking reasons for me not doing it and just started asking when it would be done. Then she said the magic words, and I am not sure these are exact words because I may have fallen into a state of shock, "If you can't hack it just let me know I will buy them"...WHAT! Talk about throwing the gauntlet down.

Well now it is on like Red Dawn! My shop outside is not large enough to make the size of iteam we are talking about here. We are talking about 10 inches across at that base and about 36 inches long. I don't have that kind of equipment...seriously. Hand blowning this is a big gauntlet she has tossed and I have my worries about pulling it off.

Last night I tried for the 3rd Wed. in a row to get a good lamp out. I will admit that I have been less than successful with the first two trys. They turned out to be kind of cool looking large vases but not the shape or weight that I was looking for. To make it clear I could not hack it. Then last night everything was magic. All the mistakes kind of forced me to do things different and everything clicked and I think I have a working process now that will lend to the second one being nice as well. The trick is going to be making two that are close enough to be considered a set to the naked eye.

So the great Lamp Building Gauntlet of 2008 is on, like Donkey Kong! I will try to get some pictures up this weekend of the progress.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What did you guys think of the contest?

I was shooting for 50 people to guess. I think I hit that or came very close to it. The next contest is going to be very soon but I am trying to figure out why people would come to the site, see the contest, but never guess to win.

Maybe they think I am not for real, that I am not giving away this stuff for fun. That there must be some string attached to the deal like they have to pay for shipping. This is just not the case. Maybe the prize is not "big" enough to get them to guess. I figure the ornament was a good starting prize for my little experiment but I am going to knock it up a notch next time.

So stay tuned I have some interesting ideas coming down the pipe toward anouther contest.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Contest Winner is?

Ok so I will admit that I did not even think that there was this many in that bowl. To go on record I figured it was going to be around the 260 mark.I was wrong as it was well past that.

And so without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you...396!
Can you even believe that?! 396. Never would I have guessed that high. So lets look at who won.

So the winner is:
Ray with a guess of 400. I am not sure who referred you Ray I think it was Rick yes? If no one referred you I will have to roll the marble over to the next contest.

I am going to need mailing an address to get this to you so shot that to scott@novota-com. Just switch out that little - for a period to confuse the dumber of the screen scrapers looking to spam.

To everyone else, better luck next time. I will have anouther contest as soon as the ads make enough to handle the shipping again. Which should not be very long. I am already picking out the next thing to to offer up!


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Contest is ON!!

Update: Make it quick. The last guess will be taken today at 8 pm CST.


Ok kids, this is Mini here. Unfortunately Scott had to work this evening and was short on time so I'm helping out a bit.

Lets start out by restating the rules:

#1. One guess per person.
#2. Guess the number of nuggets in the bowl. The closest number (under or over) wins.
#3. Spread the word, if one of your referrals wins you get the second prize marble. Make sure your referral mentions you along with their guess!
#4. If your referral sends someone who wins I will make a second marble. (Are you kidding do people honestly think there will be nested refferals? Then both of the people will get a marble..I will continue this down the line for up to 3 marbles.)
#5. Submissions are valid for one week from today (3/6/08 - 3/13/08 11:59:59PM CST). Winner will be announced on Friday 3/14/08.
#6. That Cat is not the prize. Shop kitty is essential!
#7. The one outside the bowl counts.
#8. Postage to anywhere in the world is already been paid for by the ads that I put up last week. No fear guess away, no strings attached!

*you may click the photos for a larger size*

photo with nugget for scale

overview of nuggets




We are working on it.

Hold tight, pictures are being tweaked. We had to reshoot the ones I took where lets just call them lacking.

We reshot the images this afternoon and I am up at work...sigh. Mini is working on it and should post soon. GO MINI GO!


Ok I even got e-mail about the Cat.

You people are crazy about cats. So here is the skinny on the cat, she is quite small. Her name is PK for Porch Kitty. She showed up on our porch one winter day sick, thin as a french model, and mouthy. MiniMolli being the animal lover of all time gave her food and water as she fretted around saying things like "Scott she is sick", "Scott we should take her to the vet", "Scott we should build something for her to stay dry out there". She is fixed now, put on some pounds, and is pretty darn frisky. She is a true lover in that if you sit down in my back yard to watch glass she is going to find a place to sit on you and pur. She will follow you around like a dog and come when called. She is a mystery to me as I have never seen a cat that acts like a dog.

Those are the good things. That bad is that she was sick for a reason and has some pretty wicked cancer in her neck. The vet gave her 2 weeks...that was 4 months ago. The vet then said I can't believe she is still alive. I think it is because we gave her a reason to live. Just my views. She is a real trooper and is happy. The Vet said she would stop eating when she starts to go, so far she is eating 4 times a day and gets really mouthy if you don't service her bowl on time.

I would like to point out she has some skills. Rats, mice, lizards, grasshoppers, doves, and basically anything smaller than her is a target. She is a skilled hunter and I had to keep her from going toe to toe with our opossum in the back yard. That thing is 3 times her size.

Anyway, enough about the cat as you can tell I don't care for her that much....yea. The contest will start when the new photos hit the blog. I will restate the rules and we are off. It will be open to guesses for one week. Things should be rollling this afternoon for those that want to get and early guess in at the start.



Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ok we will start the contest tomorrow. Here is a quicky picture, see rules below on the other post. I will post more pictures of the prizes and the "bowl of nuggets" that you will be guessing from.
The beer is not the prize only for scale.



Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Contest is --sort of.

Ok here are the rules.

#1. One guess per person.

#2. You can send as many people as you like to guess and that will get you multiple submissions for the "marble" prize for referrals.

#3. If they send someone, and you sent them, I will make a second marble. (Are you kidding do people honestly think there will be nested refferals? Then both of the people will get a marble..I will continue this down the line until 3 marbles.)

#4. Don't guess early it will not count until I post the "Ok lets go guess" post in two days. Then we will have submissions to guess for one whole week.

#5. That Cat is not the prize.

Contest "how to"

Just guess the number of glass nuggets in the bowl. Going over or under makes no difference. I will take the one that come nearest to the number of nuggets.

Here is the first shot of the nuggets. I will post more tomorrow with better perspective and the picture of the prizes. This is just a teaser photo.

That is PK (The shop cat) who protects the glass from birds, mice, lizards, and all other manner of pest. Be very scared. As you can tell by look on her face as MiniMolli started to reach for my 90-minute ale, she is very protective of my stuff.



Monday, March 3, 2008

The Contest is at hand.

Ok guys so the leg work for the contest is done. Here is how it is going to go down I just have to make the litte stuff happen at this point.

#1. I have taken the pictures of the "contest".

#2. I have made the prizes.

#2.5. MiniMolli took pictures of the prizes while I was making them.

#3. I have taken pictures of the prizes once finished and out of the lehr.

#4. I know what the contest is going to be.

#5. It is going to be a single prize contest this time. One ornament and one "you sent them to me" prize which is a marble.

Now what I have to do it let everyone know that I am going to have the contest. I guess that will include but not be limited to me getting on everyone's blog and letting them know I am having a contest. So it is on! I should be posting the picutres and the offical start will be tomorrow.