Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wed Night Update

Pensacola Glass Pumpkins are being made again. That is right I am starting early for you guys this year. I know that it is still really early but I have a much higher goal this year of ....are you ready? 500! I have a goal and I am sticking to it. I have basically 7 months to pull off 500 pumpkins/ornaments/shells as I see it right now. I am not talking gimp pumpkins stuff either I am talking top of the line wizbag glass goodness. Now these are pictures of the last group of pumpkins, ornaments, and shells that I made last year. I made them well after the 1st Annual Pensacola Pumpkin Party (AP3 for short). These are already gone my friends but ohhhhh yes there will be more. The AP3 that I am doing this year so far is focused more on single colors. Fear not I will make mixes as well but I am full on making a bunch of transparent single colors this year. I can't tell you how good a Gold, Saffron, and Olive green set of transparent pumpkins look together. Toss in a topaz and you might just loose your mind. Ok that was a bit of an over statement but they are very cool. I am for the most part using my Wed. slots at the Belmont Arts Center to make pumpkins from this point on and not making any at the house. I will use my time at the house to make nothing but shells and ornaments. I have had a bunch of request for orders over the internet so I am going to make that happen before the party as well.

I just don't know how I am going to pull it off just yet. I am thinking about using Paypal or Itsy. What do you guys think any suggestions?

Also I would like to add that the Adsense has gone crazy the last couple of days as the narrow casting to the site is starting to kick in. We are at 12.06 now! So the contest is on I just have to figure out what we will use as the contest. I am going to put up one ornament and a marble as the prizes. The glass ornament will be for first place and the marble will go to the blog/website owner that sends the winner to me. If they are the same person I will let that person pick someone else to get the marble. Easy enough eh? I will post in the very near future what the contest is as well as pictures of the prizes. In fact I will make the prizes tonight and get MiniMolli to take pictures of them as I make them.

I have worked out that every time that the Adsense has enough money to cover the shipping I will have a contest. I liked the marble guess last year so I think I will do something very close to that. In fact I know what it will be! It will be a Spectrum Glass Cullet guessing contest! I will prepare the bucket tonight and we will be good to go next week! Contest on!




G3T Films said...

I think the single colour pumpkins looked great. I was eyeing of a rich green one with a black stem (I think it was black) because I have this theory about the use of green in relation to film.

But then I realised I had no idea how much a pumpkin would cost or what I'd use it for, I'm not even sure how big they are...

Actually there you go, there's a contest, give the dimensions of the pumpkin and have people guess how much one of the pumpkins weighs in grams.

EXSENO said...

You are really an artist. You do great work and I don't think it's just a job to you, I think you really love doing it and it shows. Great job.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Fantastic stuff!! Good luck in reaching your goal of 500 - I know you can do it!!