Monday, February 25, 2008


Well I would like to state that I don't do sunburns well. Minimolli she just turns brown. I turn a color that lobsters would be proud of. I will survive but man did I not see this one coming. You would think that after 30+ years of being on the beach I would know better. I do know better to be very honest I just had a combo of events happend that tripled my time in the sun.

First off I was out in the sun that morning messing around in the yard. On the SoS scale (Sun on Scott) it was a one.

Second was my time on the beach with Mini watching the surf and reading on the beach. This is about a 5 on the SoS scale. I would be all the sun I could handle as anything over 5 sends me into the Ouch range of the SoS.

Thrid we set down outside at the beach to have drinks. This along with the yard at the start sent me into the red zone. I would say sitting there I got anouther 1 on the SoS scale.

Grand total on the SoS is now 7. Which is well into the ouch, but not enough to have you sitting up at night begging for someone to come shot you in the head. That is 9, 10 is emergency room. I have only done a 9 one time....never again. 8's are not uncommon but not something that I look forward to that is for sure. So here I am posting up at a 7 and not enjoying it..but I look good to a lobster...all I need is a little melted butter.



Jason said...

Lotion day , you too can be tan man......

Anonymous said...

hmmmm. makes me think that standing in reach of the glory hole might be a bit difficult for a few days!


Gnat of Glass said...

I am lotion boy! That does not sound really good does it?

Amanda said...

Ok, first off, I am super jealous you can even get a sunburn in February. I need to move. I hate the winter.