Thursday, February 7, 2008

Joint Custody

Ok so last week SuperKim, KimPossible, Kimbolina, or The La Kimbolina if your not into the whole brevity thing and I had a good blow slot. I made a couple of very cool prototypes for some lamps that MiniMolli wanted. I also made 2 BAPs(big arse pumpkins - By the Way Billy we are still waiting to hear from you about dropping by the shop - Anytime) and a metrix truck load of flowers. SuperKim made a bunch of flowers, and bunch of paperweights (one of them was amazing...I mean stellar!).

So as you can guess both of us where pretty stoked to get them out of the lehr. Monday morning after a long Mardi Gras Weekend (wonderful), I snuck up to the Belmont Arts Center to get a look. Much to my surprise everything was still in the cooled kiln and as I opened the lid giddy as a school girl to see my BAPs I was shocked. SHOCKED I TELL YOU! It was as if Dali himself had raised from the dead and wisked down to put the fickle finger of fate on our glass. Before me laid not 10 objects of perfect glass but 1 single large Pangea like island of glass. Fused together like some kind of evil leviathon from the glass world of Cthulhu. You could not get this thing out of the lehr without breaking it. In the upper right hand corner you have a sort of pornographic pumpkin orgy going on as the stem of one pumpkin had lovingly fused itself into the side of anouther as if locked in a frozen gord love lock. Along with 2 flowers that had wilted under the extream heat like a politican caught in a loosing bid for the nomination and unable to summon up some tears(jab!). Down in the lower left 4 paperweights had summoned up some kind of unearthy attraction and formed a glass version of VOLTRON! The lamps looked like Salvador Dali himself had dream, came into the shop and brought it to life. They where actaully kind of cool looking outside of the fact that they where fused to the top of a pumpkin, a paperweight, and about 1/2 of a insulated fire brick.

Needless to say I was not a happy camper. I called SK to work out Joint Custody of our now "Single Piece of fused Crap". I get it every other weekend, she gets it for the week days and alternating holidays.

I have named it Chad.



Anonymous said...

You are an absolute riot! Well, it was much more fun to read about it than it was to live it.

MiniMolli said...

I can't believe you didn't take a picture!

Gnat of Glass said...

UG you are right I have no idea why I did not take a picture of it at least with my camera phone. I think it lives better in my memory....or as luck would have it at the bottom of the trash basket in the shop where Kim and I took great please in throwing it.


G3T Films said...

Despite the use of the phrase "I had a good blow slot" in the first sentence which made me think this post was going to be about something else entirely, your links were extremely educational. I now not only know what a lehr is but also what it does... question, how does a lehr melt glass? I thought it was meant to do the opposite.

Also, Dali is like one of my favourite artists of all time. You should have taken a photo!