Friday, February 8, 2008

The Dream is back.

I have a dream that creeps up on me now and then and I was reading someone elses blog that made me want to post about it. I had it last week and it happens to come around when things seem to fall in place for me. So here it is, you tell me what it means because I see it as things are clicking along just right. I have had this dream sence about the age of 16 as you can tell it is rooted in my teen years but it has changed very little of the last 20 years. I will say that the talking Palm Trees are new as I never had them show up before. I actually have 2 dreams where the same animal allways shows up but lets keep on track here...

Here we go.

I find myself backpacking though a dense tropical jungle. I have a really old Sony walkman on that is playing a tape of the Hoodoo Guru's album "Stone Age Romeo" and it is on the song "I want you back". I am just singing along rolling though the jungle on this path heading toward a hill that I can see in the distance. I keep seeing things in my side vision that I can't pick out but I am not scared by it I just have a feeling that things are as they should be. There is a very light mist in the air but not what you could call fog just kind of 100% humidity. The temp is about 70f with a soft wind to my back as I march though the jungle. Every manner of flora and fauna is around me but I am not really looking at it so I can’t tell you what it was just that it was a jungle and very green with a low canopy.

As I reach the bottom of the hill and start up it the song switches to "I Was a Kamikaze Pilot" as I trudge up the hill. In the jungle around me I see what has been catching my vision to the left. It is not actually an animal but talking palm trees. They are like the Etins in Lord of the rings with faces and eyes...they are for lack of a better word humanoid palm trees and they have been walking though the jungle with me. All around me. I just did not notice they where moving. One of them smiles and waves a frawn at me and says "Yo!" as he keeps on moving in pace with me. I look forward to find that I am nearing the top of the hill and the song switches on the Sony to "Tojo" as I now look down on this crazy huge lagoon and a massive stepped pyramid. As I watch these huge elephants push a large square stone off the tip of the pyramid and it slides down it increasing in speed until it slams into the lagoon. At which point large waves traverse the lagoon and break on the other side in perfect 8 foot right hand waves. One of the palm trees says “Your here, have fun”. Strange as it may seem this is very normal to me as I say “Thanks” and head out.

I break in to a jog down the hill toward the lagoon. As I reach the edge of the lagoon it is a nice sandy white beach and there are approx 30 surfboards stuck in the sand. One each of every shape size and color...SWEET! I pluck a 7’2 from the sand, throw my stuff on the beach edge and hop into the water to paddle out into the lagoon that is flat as glass. I get out past where the waves seemed to be breaking and notice that I am surrounded by 3 otters. Each of them a little smaller than the next. Each of them a light shade of brown as they get smaller. They are swinging round having a great old time then they talk to me in a British accent. Strange, but not out of place.

We have a conversation about the way of things and how I am the first person to be here for going on 2 years. As we talk about how I can live off the land around the lagoon and surf all day one of them slams an oyster with a rock on his belly and screams "Incoming!” I look up to see the stone sliding down the pyramid and into the lagoon sending off a huge ripple. Much bigger than it seemed from the hill I might add. In fact it is the largest wave I have ever seen coming right toward me. The leader of the otters screams "GO GO GO GO!" and I start paddling to catch this huge wave. As the wave lifts me up just in front of the peeling curl, I jump to my feet and ride the vertical drop down to the bottom of a 2 story wave. Reeling off the bottom turn with so much speed and momentum that my face is only about 10 inches from the water. Sweeping up into face I do an arching roundhouse turn and tuck into the pocket of the wave ramming my arm into the face of it to slow me down. Stuck in my ridding stance with my arm dug into the face of the wave slowing me down the wave swallows me into its belly. That is when everything goes into slow motion. Slowly looking around the tube that I am not fully enclosed in is bigger than a 2 Landcruisers. The sun is shining though the water and casting everything I see in a blue tinge that add a very calm feeling to the tundering crash of tons of water roiling about from the breaking wave. Looking out of the tube from inside of the wave like I am riding in the barrel of a gun made of crystal blue salt water; I pull my arm out face of the wave and feel my speed pick up as I start to pull out of the barrel. Just as I am about to creep out from under the lip of the blue room the back end of monsterous tube collapses and a spray of mist blasts past me as the compression forces the air inside the barrel out like a cannon..WOOOSHHH! As it taking me with it. Time snaps back to normal speed as I come shooting out of the tube like a bullet from a gun. Aiming for the shoulder of the wave I hit the lip and launch into the air like a human cannonball. Flying though the air I look down to see that I am a good 15 feet over the top of the wave as I start to fall back to earth and I am giddy with it. Splashing into the water I come up to the surface and feel that I have been reborn, refreshed, wiped clean. I look around and see 3 otters clapping with big grins and the smallest one says winks and says "Welcome back".

I end up waking up and wanting to go surfing.

You tell me what all that means, because I don't know but I really love that dream and it puts me in a right fine mood for the rest of the week.



Anonymous said...

Maybe it means you took too much cheap cough syrup before going to sleep? :)

Larry C

MiniMolli said...

Damn, I was waiting for the chocolate pyramid - which one was that dream? It was always my favorite. I think this one means that you're jonesing to go surfing and take me with you. Weather's warming up - this is your chance...

G3T Films said...

I think it's pretty obvious what it means... Otters have good taste in seafood!

Damsel Underdressed said...

"To see otters in your dream, symbolizes happiness and good fortune. You will find ideal enjoyment or unusual tenderness with your loved one."

"To see palm trees in your dream, denotes tranquility, high aspirations, victory, and hopes."

Pretty cool, huh?

javajo said...

Great piece of writing Scott. Vivid imagery in there. I think, to put it simply, your soul is alive and kicking and ready for some adventure.

Jason said...

Take me with you, Canyonman!