Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All about the dangling possibilities

This is going to be a strange bulleted post. Notice was served.

#1. I got a 80 pound cruicible in yesterday. What am I going to do with 80 pounds of glass!? WEEE!!!

#2. I made a metric arse load of ornaments/light things/hangeron type deals last night. I will post a picture when MiniMolli puts them all together in a light contraption deal she wants to make. She has a plan and who am I to get in the way of progress. Might be slow as she has some kind of funk that makes her sound a little like Darth Vadar. I think she would rather curl up and sleep than do much of anything else.

#3. I cut my pinky so deep about a year ago that it cut the nerve at the middle nuckle. I could not feel much of anything outside of pressure on the tip until two days ago. Sure it would tingle every now and then but for the most part nothing. Two days ago I was building a huge...I MEAN HUGE! desk/sewing/you could sleep in it thing for Mini. There I was cooking along without a care in the world and I cut that same finger about 1/2 as deep this time but up on the tip. Apparently it has stressed out the nerves to the point where they thought it might be a good idea to worn me from now on that something painful is happening to the pinky. I can feel everything in that little didget now. I think it is even making up for lost time because it feels a lot like when your hands get seriously cold and all the feeling is coming back as they warm up. I assume this is normal but has been a long time coming. So cut bad, getting the feeling back in my pinky good...I think...more on this later.

#4. Kidney stones are the suck. I don't have them. A very close friend does. OUCH! Twice the size of a beebee. I would rather loose the aforementioned pinky.

#5. Mini got her first glass blowing tool. A pair of compact diamond shears! A gift from me as she can't handle the large pair that I have(Reading back though this I found that statement to be very funny...and well ahh nevermind). It was actaully fun to watch her try(this just keeps getting worse)...I will miss the Diamond sheer dance.

#6. I am giving up Mayonnaise to help with my diet. Sacrifices have to be made.

#7. Kicking a coffee table at 2am in the morning is a good way to make up a new string of curse words.

#8. There are more fires in my area of town in the last month than the previous 4 years. I have no idea what this is about but those firemen are working the hell out of the lights and sirens. It is as if they are honking like a friend as they drive by my house. I am thinking about sending them a fruit basket or something just to give me a break.

#9. The movie "Jumper" was not a bad movie...I am still surprised even now. Maybe I had very very low expectations.

#10. The guy I work with was so surprised by a tumbler I gave him today that he honestly does not believe that I made it. This make me happy.



The Phosgene Kid said...

Cut fingers, barked shins - sounds as though you are living in a roadrunner cartoon.

Amanda said...

So, you are giving up mayo? You are hard core. I couldn't do it.

leelee said...

~I like your post concept

~I think like this

~if you looked into my head, my thoughts would be bulleted

~never thought of it till now