Monday, February 25, 2008

7.06 for Adsense.

Wow a whole seven bucks!

I am going to have a contest at 10 bucks to cover the shipping. What do you guys think Marble? Ornament? Ring Holder?

I am thinking a Ornament for the contest and a Marble for the blog/website that sends them to me. I will bring this back up later once the ads I have generate 10 bucks....At this rate that might be the end of next month.



snowelf said...

Ornament for the contest, for sure. :)


G3T Films said...

Yeah, I think an ornament! Maybe you should do a glass half-bird with it's rude bits showing. Ha!

I really want to know how you got the sub-flesh writing, we aaaaaall want to know the story!

The Phosgene Kid said...


leelee said...

ok I hit up 3 ads today..
the fire glass beads look nice..

I'll do my part..