Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wed Night Update

Pensacola Glass Pumpkins are being made again. That is right I am starting early for you guys this year. I know that it is still really early but I have a much higher goal this year of ....are you ready? 500! I have a goal and I am sticking to it. I have basically 7 months to pull off 500 pumpkins/ornaments/shells as I see it right now. I am not talking gimp pumpkins stuff either I am talking top of the line wizbag glass goodness. Now these are pictures of the last group of pumpkins, ornaments, and shells that I made last year. I made them well after the 1st Annual Pensacola Pumpkin Party (AP3 for short). These are already gone my friends but ohhhhh yes there will be more. The AP3 that I am doing this year so far is focused more on single colors. Fear not I will make mixes as well but I am full on making a bunch of transparent single colors this year. I can't tell you how good a Gold, Saffron, and Olive green set of transparent pumpkins look together. Toss in a topaz and you might just loose your mind. Ok that was a bit of an over statement but they are very cool. I am for the most part using my Wed. slots at the Belmont Arts Center to make pumpkins from this point on and not making any at the house. I will use my time at the house to make nothing but shells and ornaments. I have had a bunch of request for orders over the internet so I am going to make that happen before the party as well.

I just don't know how I am going to pull it off just yet. I am thinking about using Paypal or Itsy. What do you guys think any suggestions?

Also I would like to add that the Adsense has gone crazy the last couple of days as the narrow casting to the site is starting to kick in. We are at 12.06 now! So the contest is on I just have to figure out what we will use as the contest. I am going to put up one ornament and a marble as the prizes. The glass ornament will be for first place and the marble will go to the blog/website owner that sends the winner to me. If they are the same person I will let that person pick someone else to get the marble. Easy enough eh? I will post in the very near future what the contest is as well as pictures of the prizes. In fact I will make the prizes tonight and get MiniMolli to take pictures of them as I make them.

I have worked out that every time that the Adsense has enough money to cover the shipping I will have a contest. I liked the marble guess last year so I think I will do something very close to that. In fact I know what it will be! It will be a Spectrum Glass Cullet guessing contest! I will prepare the bucket tonight and we will be good to go next week! Contest on!



Monday, February 25, 2008

7.06 for Adsense.

Wow a whole seven bucks!

I am going to have a contest at 10 bucks to cover the shipping. What do you guys think Marble? Ornament? Ring Holder?

I am thinking a Ornament for the contest and a Marble for the blog/website that sends them to me. I will bring this back up later once the ads I have generate 10 bucks....At this rate that might be the end of next month.



Well I would like to state that I don't do sunburns well. Minimolli she just turns brown. I turn a color that lobsters would be proud of. I will survive but man did I not see this one coming. You would think that after 30+ years of being on the beach I would know better. I do know better to be very honest I just had a combo of events happend that tripled my time in the sun.

First off I was out in the sun that morning messing around in the yard. On the SoS scale (Sun on Scott) it was a one.

Second was my time on the beach with Mini watching the surf and reading on the beach. This is about a 5 on the SoS scale. I would be all the sun I could handle as anything over 5 sends me into the Ouch range of the SoS.

Thrid we set down outside at the beach to have drinks. This along with the yard at the start sent me into the red zone. I would say sitting there I got anouther 1 on the SoS scale.

Grand total on the SoS is now 7. Which is well into the ouch, but not enough to have you sitting up at night begging for someone to come shot you in the head. That is 9, 10 is emergency room. I have only done a 9 one time....never again. 8's are not uncommon but not something that I look forward to that is for sure. So here I am posting up at a 7 and not enjoying it..but I look good to a lobster...all I need is a little melted butter.


Thursday, February 21, 2008


She was a cute woman in a southern kind of way. Short but spunky and full of glee. With flip flops that cut her to the knap of my neck. She had a huge tangle of blonde hair that flipped in the breeze with crystaline green eyes striking enough to render the normal man shy and wide enough to be that of a child at play. She had a button nose and rose colored lips that curved up in a generous smile lending to a lightness around her, but her complexion was her claim to fame, for her skin was custom made to harness the light. Capturing the sun's best work to frame on her body for everyone to admire as the chemistry changed her tone from cream to coffee. In the water she was a demi-god of motion. Her movements where broad but sublime; her surfing was a masterpiece of fluidity. Smooth as glass, yet wound with power, it struck like a hammer, slipped like silk. Maybe she is not real, maybe she was a dream, maybe I should not trust what I see, but I was not sure that I would be able to forget.

See my google ads?!

That is right people I am going to make the big bucks off your backs! I kid I kid, I honestly just want to play with it a little bit. You read everywhere about adsence and how easy it is to set up and make millions of dollars.

Well I can say this, it is very easy to set up. I had these ads up a long time ago but got for a 3 month period amd are you ready for this? 5.21 cents is the grand total as of today. So I will tell you in 3 months what my total is and well will compare notes. I will use the proceeds to buy color and only color....Then I will use that color to make prizes to have contests, how much fun will that be?!

So making millions off the adsense sence is not my goal but I did want to play with it a little bit. It is very easy to set up and well I want to try it out again. I am going to play with what gets funneled into the adds and I hope that I can make it narrow cast to interesting stuff.

I have been toying with the idea of writing a little "how to" on this blog about building your how "starter shop". Now I will be the first to admit that I am not done but I found it really hard to find information that applied to someone like myself about building your first shop. Sure there is tons of info on the net if you know where to look for it about building a "Real glass blowing shop" but not a whole lot for the little guy. IE> someone that wants to do some of it on his own but not build every last stinking thing in the shop. There is a fine line between building smart and building dumb. I do a lot of the building dumb and very little of the building smart. Maybe if I write it down and plan more I can avoid the dumb part...or at least some of it...ok all of it. Yea.

Anyway I figure it might be interesting to put down on a blog what it takes. Where to start. What you need and how much you are going to spend building it. Then what the hell do you do with it once you have it built!

Anyway that is off in the future but I think it will be fun. I made Linda at work a huge stinking floopy vase last night because she threw the gauntlet down on me. Quote "If you make something, bring it in, and it is big and colorful I will buy it!"...well you got it honey! See you on Monday and bring your check book!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All about the dangling possibilities

This is going to be a strange bulleted post. Notice was served.

#1. I got a 80 pound cruicible in yesterday. What am I going to do with 80 pounds of glass!? WEEE!!!

#2. I made a metric arse load of ornaments/light things/hangeron type deals last night. I will post a picture when MiniMolli puts them all together in a light contraption deal she wants to make. She has a plan and who am I to get in the way of progress. Might be slow as she has some kind of funk that makes her sound a little like Darth Vadar. I think she would rather curl up and sleep than do much of anything else.

#3. I cut my pinky so deep about a year ago that it cut the nerve at the middle nuckle. I could not feel much of anything outside of pressure on the tip until two days ago. Sure it would tingle every now and then but for the most part nothing. Two days ago I was building a huge...I MEAN HUGE! desk/sewing/you could sleep in it thing for Mini. There I was cooking along without a care in the world and I cut that same finger about 1/2 as deep this time but up on the tip. Apparently it has stressed out the nerves to the point where they thought it might be a good idea to worn me from now on that something painful is happening to the pinky. I can feel everything in that little didget now. I think it is even making up for lost time because it feels a lot like when your hands get seriously cold and all the feeling is coming back as they warm up. I assume this is normal but has been a long time coming. So cut bad, getting the feeling back in my pinky good...I think...more on this later.

#4. Kidney stones are the suck. I don't have them. A very close friend does. OUCH! Twice the size of a beebee. I would rather loose the aforementioned pinky.

#5. Mini got her first glass blowing tool. A pair of compact diamond shears! A gift from me as she can't handle the large pair that I have(Reading back though this I found that statement to be very funny...and well ahh nevermind). It was actaully fun to watch her try(this just keeps getting worse)...I will miss the Diamond sheer dance.

#6. I am giving up Mayonnaise to help with my diet. Sacrifices have to be made.

#7. Kicking a coffee table at 2am in the morning is a good way to make up a new string of curse words.

#8. There are more fires in my area of town in the last month than the previous 4 years. I have no idea what this is about but those firemen are working the hell out of the lights and sirens. It is as if they are honking like a friend as they drive by my house. I am thinking about sending them a fruit basket or something just to give me a break.

#9. The movie "Jumper" was not a bad movie...I am still surprised even now. Maybe I had very very low expectations.

#10. The guy I work with was so surprised by a tumbler I gave him today that he honestly does not believe that I made it. This make me happy.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Glass Blowing Pictures - Strong Street Studio

I have been makin a lot of these ornaments as of late. They are very retro looking to me which is what I was going for. I can make these all alone which is a plus when I don't have and assistant. I started to make one in every color that I own. I am still not done.
Below is a small sample of the paperweights that I have been making at the end of the day to finish off the last couple of inches of glass in the pot. I have been experimenting with what I call "jellyfish" patterns in the paperwieghts. I will use the knowledge I build in these paperweights to be the heads of future jellyfish paperweights. You can also see a clear on at the bottom the is also the next picture.
This is a close up of the clear paperweight. It has a very interesting depth to it which for just being clear gives it a little extra pop. Everyone always picks this one up and looks at it for a bit. I can also use it to start fires.
More shells.
My forms. I have been locking in on shapes a lot in the last couple of weeks. Single transparent colors seem to be my sweet spot right now.
Close up of the above.

Ok that is it for right now. Just a quick picture post after lunch. Catch you guys later.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Roy Scheider...

"We are going to need a bigger boat."

For many years my friends and I have used that line from Jaws as our way of saying we are not prepared for what we are doing. Great actor that I hate to see pass.


Friday, February 8, 2008

The Dream is back.

I have a dream that creeps up on me now and then and I was reading someone elses blog that made me want to post about it. I had it last week and it happens to come around when things seem to fall in place for me. So here it is, you tell me what it means because I see it as things are clicking along just right. I have had this dream sence about the age of 16 as you can tell it is rooted in my teen years but it has changed very little of the last 20 years. I will say that the talking Palm Trees are new as I never had them show up before. I actually have 2 dreams where the same animal allways shows up but lets keep on track here...

Here we go.

I find myself backpacking though a dense tropical jungle. I have a really old Sony walkman on that is playing a tape of the Hoodoo Guru's album "Stone Age Romeo" and it is on the song "I want you back". I am just singing along rolling though the jungle on this path heading toward a hill that I can see in the distance. I keep seeing things in my side vision that I can't pick out but I am not scared by it I just have a feeling that things are as they should be. There is a very light mist in the air but not what you could call fog just kind of 100% humidity. The temp is about 70f with a soft wind to my back as I march though the jungle. Every manner of flora and fauna is around me but I am not really looking at it so I can’t tell you what it was just that it was a jungle and very green with a low canopy.

As I reach the bottom of the hill and start up it the song switches to "I Was a Kamikaze Pilot" as I trudge up the hill. In the jungle around me I see what has been catching my vision to the left. It is not actually an animal but talking palm trees. They are like the Etins in Lord of the rings with faces and eyes...they are for lack of a better word humanoid palm trees and they have been walking though the jungle with me. All around me. I just did not notice they where moving. One of them smiles and waves a frawn at me and says "Yo!" as he keeps on moving in pace with me. I look forward to find that I am nearing the top of the hill and the song switches on the Sony to "Tojo" as I now look down on this crazy huge lagoon and a massive stepped pyramid. As I watch these huge elephants push a large square stone off the tip of the pyramid and it slides down it increasing in speed until it slams into the lagoon. At which point large waves traverse the lagoon and break on the other side in perfect 8 foot right hand waves. One of the palm trees says “Your here, have fun”. Strange as it may seem this is very normal to me as I say “Thanks” and head out.

I break in to a jog down the hill toward the lagoon. As I reach the edge of the lagoon it is a nice sandy white beach and there are approx 30 surfboards stuck in the sand. One each of every shape size and color...SWEET! I pluck a 7’2 from the sand, throw my stuff on the beach edge and hop into the water to paddle out into the lagoon that is flat as glass. I get out past where the waves seemed to be breaking and notice that I am surrounded by 3 otters. Each of them a little smaller than the next. Each of them a light shade of brown as they get smaller. They are swinging round having a great old time then they talk to me in a British accent. Strange, but not out of place.

We have a conversation about the way of things and how I am the first person to be here for going on 2 years. As we talk about how I can live off the land around the lagoon and surf all day one of them slams an oyster with a rock on his belly and screams "Incoming!” I look up to see the stone sliding down the pyramid and into the lagoon sending off a huge ripple. Much bigger than it seemed from the hill I might add. In fact it is the largest wave I have ever seen coming right toward me. The leader of the otters screams "GO GO GO GO!" and I start paddling to catch this huge wave. As the wave lifts me up just in front of the peeling curl, I jump to my feet and ride the vertical drop down to the bottom of a 2 story wave. Reeling off the bottom turn with so much speed and momentum that my face is only about 10 inches from the water. Sweeping up into face I do an arching roundhouse turn and tuck into the pocket of the wave ramming my arm into the face of it to slow me down. Stuck in my ridding stance with my arm dug into the face of the wave slowing me down the wave swallows me into its belly. That is when everything goes into slow motion. Slowly looking around the tube that I am not fully enclosed in is bigger than a 2 Landcruisers. The sun is shining though the water and casting everything I see in a blue tinge that add a very calm feeling to the tundering crash of tons of water roiling about from the breaking wave. Looking out of the tube from inside of the wave like I am riding in the barrel of a gun made of crystal blue salt water; I pull my arm out face of the wave and feel my speed pick up as I start to pull out of the barrel. Just as I am about to creep out from under the lip of the blue room the back end of monsterous tube collapses and a spray of mist blasts past me as the compression forces the air inside the barrel out like a cannon..WOOOSHHH! As it taking me with it. Time snaps back to normal speed as I come shooting out of the tube like a bullet from a gun. Aiming for the shoulder of the wave I hit the lip and launch into the air like a human cannonball. Flying though the air I look down to see that I am a good 15 feet over the top of the wave as I start to fall back to earth and I am giddy with it. Splashing into the water I come up to the surface and feel that I have been reborn, refreshed, wiped clean. I look around and see 3 otters clapping with big grins and the smallest one says winks and says "Welcome back".

I end up waking up and wanting to go surfing.

You tell me what all that means, because I don't know but I really love that dream and it puts me in a right fine mood for the rest of the week.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Joint Custody

Ok so last week SuperKim, KimPossible, Kimbolina, or The La Kimbolina if your not into the whole brevity thing and I had a good blow slot. I made a couple of very cool prototypes for some lamps that MiniMolli wanted. I also made 2 BAPs(big arse pumpkins - By the Way Billy we are still waiting to hear from you about dropping by the shop - Anytime) and a metrix truck load of flowers. SuperKim made a bunch of flowers, and bunch of paperweights (one of them was amazing...I mean stellar!).

So as you can guess both of us where pretty stoked to get them out of the lehr. Monday morning after a long Mardi Gras Weekend (wonderful), I snuck up to the Belmont Arts Center to get a look. Much to my surprise everything was still in the cooled kiln and as I opened the lid giddy as a school girl to see my BAPs I was shocked. SHOCKED I TELL YOU! It was as if Dali himself had raised from the dead and wisked down to put the fickle finger of fate on our glass. Before me laid not 10 objects of perfect glass but 1 single large Pangea like island of glass. Fused together like some kind of evil leviathon from the glass world of Cthulhu. You could not get this thing out of the lehr without breaking it. In the upper right hand corner you have a sort of pornographic pumpkin orgy going on as the stem of one pumpkin had lovingly fused itself into the side of anouther as if locked in a frozen gord love lock. Along with 2 flowers that had wilted under the extream heat like a politican caught in a loosing bid for the nomination and unable to summon up some tears(jab!). Down in the lower left 4 paperweights had summoned up some kind of unearthy attraction and formed a glass version of VOLTRON! The lamps looked like Salvador Dali himself had dream, came into the shop and brought it to life. They where actaully kind of cool looking outside of the fact that they where fused to the top of a pumpkin, a paperweight, and about 1/2 of a insulated fire brick.

Needless to say I was not a happy camper. I called SK to work out Joint Custody of our now "Single Piece of fused Crap". I get it every other weekend, she gets it for the week days and alternating holidays.

I have named it Chad.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Glass blowing asked for it.

Ok this took longer than normal and MiniMolli did not take these so they are not the normal high quality white box pictures. These are the Scott running around with MiniMolli's camera pictures.

Glass flowers all over the place. I made these at the home studio the other night after attending a really awesome party at my friends new Flower Shop named Fiore.

It was a huge deal and was stunning to see her transform a shop from nothing and in 7 short days turn it into something right out of a Martha Stewart. Well it inspired me a bit to try to make some flowers that are not your normal everyday kind of stuff. Something with some size and a little bit more her style. Here is the first round.

Here is a picture of some of my simple flowers that I can make pretty quick and are the very ones that I show people how to make when they come and hang out. You can also see one of my summer squash and an acorn...Yea that is a wedding photo.

Quick shot of one of my new paperweights. MiniMolli thinks that they look like really cool undersea worlds. They are a work in progess...
Ok that is it for today. I plan on having more picutres for you tomorrow.