Thursday, January 3, 2008

Resolutions -!

Ok that is fat. Seeing how we are doing the whole new years thing lets do this the right way.

To be honest I will never stop eating what I like. I just refuse to curb good food. That might sound strange to people that think loosing weight is all about not eating. I could not agree any less. It is about getting up off your arse and doing something other than watching Matlock reruns and eating a whole bag of chips.

Resolution #1:

Loose 10 pounds. This should be not a crazy amount of weight to drop. I should be able to do this. People tend to pick large numbers and never pull it off. Lets see if I can pick a realistic number and hit a home run. Target weight 230, then I will set anouther goal.

Resolution #2:

Get off my arse more. Ok so that is directly connected to resolution #1. I actually don't sit around that much. It is just that I eat more than I move. So in the spirit of equality lets make a point to move more. Starting this weekend we will hit is in a small way and work our way up. Walking 30 minutes a day. I will try to transition this into running.

Resolution #3:

Stop trying to fix things I have no control over. That one is not as easy as it sounds. I am a work in progress.

Resolution #4:

Communication...No more negitive communications. I am going to take a cue from my friend Robert and go all positive. I am going to take a cue from my friend Kim and listen more and talk less. I am going to take a cue from my wife and actually just fix the problem instead of talking about it.

Ok so 4 things I need to work on. I can handle 4 right?



ray&kim said...

Scott, Of course you can handle these 4 things! Two things that I totally agree about are 1. graded goals (as you said, aim for 230, achieve it, then choose a new target) and 2. walking. This has to be about the most underappreciated type of excercise, but IMO it's great, especially if you walk at a good steady pace instead of strolling and do it every day or nearly so. Also a way to get fresh air, see what's going on in the neighborhood, etc. Another thing that I (and millions of others, I guess)have noticed is that if you lose some weight and get into better shape, having a more positive and proactive outlook about things is easier.
Meantime, I'll be doing the same stuff. Gotta drop some poundage myself. It's not my fault! It's those darn holidays!!

Jason said...

That's doable....I need to join you on a few of those goals. I'll start with Number 2.

I am also going to surf more this year than last year...that will be easy enough to accomplish.

MiniMolli said...

4 is a great number!

Anonymous said...

Scott if you lose 10 pounds I will be the largest glass blower in pensacola.

I am going to try to stay even with you. So niether has to carry the burden of the largest glass blower.

I am going to try the exercise bike.

I have a resolution to focus more producing items for Belmont fund raisers ie cups, pumpkins and ornaments. I will need lots of help.

I have totally given up on the craft show circuit.

good Luck with your resolutions


Anonymous said...

Hell ya you can! Although, I'm not going to be the fattest glassblower in the shop either...looks like we are all going into training...nuts! Minimolli, 4 is a great number-I think I will make that number my
1st doable goal...4lbs. I wish it were warmer out there.

Damsel Underdressed said...

You know...I do need to find a running partner for the Race for the Cure in May. Ha! Transitioning into running was hard but two years later I do 3.25 three to four times a day. Not too shabby and IT LETS YOU EAT WHAT YOU WANT. :)

G3T Films said...

I wouldn't bother transitioning it into running, running is very good at jarring the body and the little injuries will only make you less inclined to go out for exercise. I'm only saying this as an ex-state rep long distance runner who's knees will need replacing by the time I'm sixty. Transition it into longer walks over less time. Results in a similar cardiovascular work out to running and is much better for you.

G3T Films said...

Oh, and before I got distracted I meant to say... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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ray&kim said...

Looks like you've been spammed in Portuguese...

javajo said...

Transition into more surfing..better exercise on all levels.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Wives! I know mine is full of all sorts of handy suggestions and more than wiling to share them with me!

Damsel Underdressed said...

There is no need to be a long distance runner. A couple of miles a couple times a week is all you need.