Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Paperweight world.

I made a bunch of paperweight this week and plan to have some picture up tomorrow after I empty the lehr tonight. I am testing out colors for a kind of twisted optic paperweight that I have seen over the years in more than one place. It should prove to be a pretty cool design if I can work it out. The key part is going to be getting a good set of colors together for it.

The cat in the garage as started to knock my pumpkins over for sport it seems. I found one on the ground this morning and it is not the first one. I think she is playing I hate to think she does not like me and is just doing it to torment me....50/50 on that one.

3 day scale jump: 239 - I think that one pound is just flux. I need to pick a time and get on the scale at the same time every day. Fries are offically a once a week treat.



javajo said...

A spell in Indo would get your weight down. I weighed 185, which is the heaviest I have ever been, when I moved back here. Within 3 months I had dropped 20 pounds. At present I am running around 155. I actually force myself to go to McDonalds once a week and supersize everything plus ice cream to keep the weight on. I knew this would happen. My last month in the states I drank tons of beer(homebrewed), ate quarts of ice cream at midnight before bed and pigged out on all things rich in fat. My goal; get my gut, or as I called it, 'front-mount camel hump', as dense as possible. Hell I am back to high school weight again.

ray&kim said...

Pictures! Pictures!

Damsel Underdressed said...

Weigh yourself every day right after your morning pee. That's what they told my mom after she got out of the hospital the second time.

SafeTinspector said...

Still no paperweights.