Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Diner Night with Family and Friends.

So the other night I had some family and friends over for a meal. It was nothing that was crazy but the games where on and the shop was hot. This was just for fun as I was not focused on making anything specific. I had planned on just making some stuff for people to watch and then shutting down. At which point I would grab some food then having a nice sit around and talk by the fire kind of night.

What happend next was kind of a neat little glass party. It all kind of started out as I got a little antsy watching the football game(not a big sports fan...I know hard to believe) and walked outside. Seeing that I still had all my equipment out I thought hummmm....So I started up the glory hole and started to make a paperweight. Then the SurferDude came out. This is my Mother-in-law's boyfriend that I have known from the ripe age of 12 years old. Hell I knew him before MiniMolli's mom did. That is when I figure it was time for this Dude to get his hands hot! I sat him down without asking him and I helped him make a paperweight. He got right giddy. I forgot how much fun it was to have a newbie make a piece.

Now in the background because I was not watching and making sure The Dude did not burn his face clean off I did not realise a couple others had wondered out. My true father in law, my mother in law, and my Father had rolled up and where all asking questions. That is went it hit me....FLOWERS FOR EVERYONE! Once I started everyone was in on it. The house emptied to the studio and we had a full on class in glass blowing...er... glass flower making.

Mom, then mother in law, then uncles, friends and everyone just was waiting for their turn. Everyone started to give everyone trouble. Laughing, hell raising, even quite a bit of heckeling.

Next thing you know everyone has made at least one flower and a couple had made two. I started to wonder if maybe this is not the best way to get people excited about glass. To remove the fustration of trying to make a cup and just stay simple. Get them nice and hooked.

If it is hard no one will want to follow up. If you make it easy you set the barb a little deeper each time they do it. I think I could build a class around a stepped program and build a glass blowing army that way. I will have to give this more brain time.

I did find out that my father has some skill in the glass blowing area. I might have to train that man to help me. I think I could hire him for beer and pizza.



G3T Films said...

Sounds like a lot of fun... and a job paying beer and pizza sounds like a job worth doing!

Anonymous said...

It does sound like a good time was had by all. I know how easily that "barb" can get set, some don't even have to touch it before it gets under their skin!


Anonymous said...

Just what you have been waiting for.

Sloth said...

Novota Clan of Glassblowing

Now that is a scary thought!!!

Damsel Underdressed said...

Now what would be cool is to put everyone's flowers together to make a bouquet.

Hey Corkchop! How's it going?

MiniMolli said...

And not to mention some mighty tasty spaghetti!!

snowelf said...

I want to come and huddle around the fire with you guys.(It's FREEZING up here) What a cool little party!


The Phosgene Kid said...

Maybe glass blowing is genetic?? Great party idea, doing something creative vice watching trained chimps chase a ball while getting blithering drunk on crappy Budweiser!