Monday, January 28, 2008

Deep sleep!

Right as rain. Ok so I am only 90% but that is a lot better than Friday, and a hell of a lot better than Thursday.

Deep Sleep is a wonderful thing. I have been sleeping like it is my job. I have to admit I love sleep. I can nap any where any time. I think my mother might have passed the gene down that allows you to just turn yourself off. I have never seen anyone in my life fall to sleep faster than my Mom. Ok maybe me as I have been told that I can fall to sleep between sentences.

Anyway, feeling better and I plan to turn up the equipment and work in the Studio tonight. I need to make some ring holders for Susan Cambell's jewerly. It really is fun to do things that are out of the norm and are different. I had never made a ring hold until she asked me one day if I could come up with something that would work but would not pull attention away from the rings. So I kind of focused on making something that was clean, simple, and functional. I now have and order for a dozen of them. I made about 5 different designs but knew it would come down to one of two. In fact my first try was that one that made the cut.

I will have a picture of it up here tonight if I can get mini to break out the whitebox to take a picture.

I also have some visitors from Nova Scotia coming by the shop tonight that I will try to get to make a glass flower. This should be fun as it is always interesting to see how people react to being put on the hot spot.



leelee said...

there is nothing in the world quite as wonderful as deep sleep..

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz enjoy!

The Phosgene Kid said...

cat naps are great. I'd like to see pictures of the ring holders...