Monday, January 7, 2008

The 300 dollar electric bill.

Normal Electric: Approx. 140

So my cost to run the furnace and the lehr. Approx 150 a month.

That is not crazy bad, but it is not crazy good.

I figure some total costs to run but not build.

100 pounds of raw glass: 80 bucks
Electric: 160 bucks
Gas: 200 bucks

30 hours of glass blowing.

So about 12 dollars an hour to run the shop. I think it is about 5 dollars more than that for my lack of not nailing the cost down. I will have a better idea next month.


ps. Food intake for today. I figure if I have to write it out I might shame myself into not eating as much.

1 pack of peanut butter crackers
1 RedBull Diet
2 Diet cokes
Turkey with cheese subway. 6 inch
bag of baked lays chips
14 oz drip coffee
2 turtle peanut things about the size of a quarter

I think I can hold off to diner now.


Sloth said...

hey that is better than $35 an hour and having to deal with everyone else and someone messing up your stuff as it cools down.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Now that is a nutritionaly barren morning! You are truly a junk food giant. If this is typical I would be more concerned about cholesterol and blood pressure than weight.

Larry C

Gnat of Glass said...

work in progress.

I know it is bad.


MiniMolli said...

AMEN Larry C!

javajo said...

You'll never lose the weight if you continue to eat that much raw glass every day.