Thursday, January 31, 2008

The road is long and winding, full of twist and turns.

Tuesday night everything at the studio was gold! Everything I made worked out. Then Wed. hit and it was as if I used up all my mojo. Everything that I touched on Wed. broke, sagged, shattered, or got hosed in one way or anouther. That is how it goes sometimes and you can't really get down on yourself. It is kind of like can have a bad day then at the very last tee you hit a drive that makes you think "I could be the next tiger". Ok maybe only I think that when I hit it past the ladies teebox but still you get my point.

I will do my best to get some picture up here it has been a little void of visual candy.

Hope you all have a great weekend as I am about to go into full Mardi Gras lock down and you will not see me until Monday....Viva de Pez!


Monday, January 28, 2008

Deep sleep!

Right as rain. Ok so I am only 90% but that is a lot better than Friday, and a hell of a lot better than Thursday.

Deep Sleep is a wonderful thing. I have been sleeping like it is my job. I have to admit I love sleep. I can nap any where any time. I think my mother might have passed the gene down that allows you to just turn yourself off. I have never seen anyone in my life fall to sleep faster than my Mom. Ok maybe me as I have been told that I can fall to sleep between sentences.

Anyway, feeling better and I plan to turn up the equipment and work in the Studio tonight. I need to make some ring holders for Susan Cambell's jewerly. It really is fun to do things that are out of the norm and are different. I had never made a ring hold until she asked me one day if I could come up with something that would work but would not pull attention away from the rings. So I kind of focused on making something that was clean, simple, and functional. I now have and order for a dozen of them. I made about 5 different designs but knew it would come down to one of two. In fact my first try was that one that made the cut.

I will have a picture of it up here tonight if I can get mini to break out the whitebox to take a picture.

I also have some visitors from Nova Scotia coming by the shop tonight that I will try to get to make a glass flower. This should be fun as it is always interesting to see how people react to being put on the hot spot.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Sick....and tired!

There you are just cruising along minding your own business and it creaps up on you. That little itch at the back of your throat. Ehh, just a scratch from lunch or something. So you motor on down the road but it gets a little worse. So you call it a day at work, 4:30 anyway and head to the house. The whole way home you feel worse. It is a sick tsunami! Just as you walk in the door it washes over you and your wife/husband gets to see you for about 30 seconds as you crawl into bed and mumble something out butterflies and hand genades as you slip into delirium.

Five hours later you awake from your slumber and announce to no one "I feel better!". As you trudge to the living room you are met by a concerned lovely lady with Vitamin C, honey, and all kind of other home cures. You think, hum....can't hurt and you down them. Not only because you figure better safe than sorry but also that someone cares enough to try to help you. Shamble to the chair and eat a hot dinner that has been waiting on you to awaken. Then it hits you feel like someone has beat you with a rubber hose and stripped you off all your energy like your human alternator is not working. Between the "you look pale", "you should go to bed", and the smartest thing I have heard all night "I am sleeping in the other room I don't want what ever that crud is." you make your way to your new favorite place. That spot in the bed right in the middle between the pillows in no mans land. As the little mobile heat sources most people call cats pile around you like some kind of healing troop.

Morning comes and everything is right in the world. Sick no more you head to work. As you blast away at your keyboard you feel the energy slowly seeping from your body. The only thing you have keeping you upright is the promise of those steak fajitas for lunch...then you are going home....ummm....steak fajitas.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Renew the dream.

You have one, everyone does.

Renew the dream.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Diner Night with Family and Friends.

So the other night I had some family and friends over for a meal. It was nothing that was crazy but the games where on and the shop was hot. This was just for fun as I was not focused on making anything specific. I had planned on just making some stuff for people to watch and then shutting down. At which point I would grab some food then having a nice sit around and talk by the fire kind of night.

What happend next was kind of a neat little glass party. It all kind of started out as I got a little antsy watching the football game(not a big sports fan...I know hard to believe) and walked outside. Seeing that I still had all my equipment out I thought hummmm....So I started up the glory hole and started to make a paperweight. Then the SurferDude came out. This is my Mother-in-law's boyfriend that I have known from the ripe age of 12 years old. Hell I knew him before MiniMolli's mom did. That is when I figure it was time for this Dude to get his hands hot! I sat him down without asking him and I helped him make a paperweight. He got right giddy. I forgot how much fun it was to have a newbie make a piece.

Now in the background because I was not watching and making sure The Dude did not burn his face clean off I did not realise a couple others had wondered out. My true father in law, my mother in law, and my Father had rolled up and where all asking questions. That is went it hit me....FLOWERS FOR EVERYONE! Once I started everyone was in on it. The house emptied to the studio and we had a full on class in glass glass flower making.

Mom, then mother in law, then uncles, friends and everyone just was waiting for their turn. Everyone started to give everyone trouble. Laughing, hell raising, even quite a bit of heckeling.

Next thing you know everyone has made at least one flower and a couple had made two. I started to wonder if maybe this is not the best way to get people excited about glass. To remove the fustration of trying to make a cup and just stay simple. Get them nice and hooked.

If it is hard no one will want to follow up. If you make it easy you set the barb a little deeper each time they do it. I think I could build a class around a stepped program and build a glass blowing army that way. I will have to give this more brain time.

I did find out that my father has some skill in the glass blowing area. I might have to train that man to help me. I think I could hire him for beer and pizza.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Ok I am a slacker...or not.

Work has me humbled. I will get to some pictures when I come up for air. I should be able to do that this wed. if everything goes well.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

6am and working.

I am waiting on scans on the network to finish. Figures that I have to hurry up and wait. Tick tick tick... Is it me or is it worse when you have to get something done quickly and you have to wait on something to finish before you move on. is like watching paint dry or glass to cool. It is never fast enough.

On anouther note it give me room to think about what I am going to make at the house later today. Because my work has tossed be a curve ball I have let a pot of glass set at the house for over 5 days now. It should be nice and stiff. This is because it kind of cooks the ewwy gewwy goodness out of the glass. By stiff I mean that you have a period of working time that the glass lets you "move it around" to shape it and form it. When it gets stiff that time gets shorter. So you have glass that you have less time to work with. Think of it like a painter only being having 10 seconds to make all his brush stroke instead of an hour before the paint dries on his brush.

I will just have to make things that will take advantage of this short working time. Thinks like small thin goblets this is not good for. Things like paperwieghts and shell it this glass will be fine for. Maybe pumpkins of course.

Shells for sure, 2 or 3 pumpkins, and a bunch of my "little guys" which is a new project that I am working on.

I will get Mini to take some pictures this afternoon as I also plan to sand some stuff down while drinking a cool one.

DING! scan is done...


Thursday, January 10, 2008

I get delirious!

Had to drop this. Objections....bummer.


Work work work, sleep, eat, work.

That is my day. Sorry for the lack of updates but I am in crunch time boys and girls.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

10 things I learned this year.

#1. Nice works well.

#2. How was your day is not a question it is a segway into telling you how thier day was.

#3. Nothing costs what the price tags says. In the end is is always more.

#4. The golden rule really is the only rule that works.

#5. If I don't start it now it will not be finished then.

#6. I never put anything back in the same place twice.

#7. MiniMolli always puts things back in the same place and it confuses the hell out of me.

#8. I don't actually need a new truck...but I want one.

#9. You never really pay off your house.

#10. Inflation is always higher than your raises.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Paperweight world.

I made a bunch of paperweight this week and plan to have some picture up tomorrow after I empty the lehr tonight. I am testing out colors for a kind of twisted optic paperweight that I have seen over the years in more than one place. It should prove to be a pretty cool design if I can work it out. The key part is going to be getting a good set of colors together for it.

The cat in the garage as started to knock my pumpkins over for sport it seems. I found one on the ground this morning and it is not the first one. I think she is playing I hate to think she does not like me and is just doing it to torment me....50/50 on that one.

3 day scale jump: 239 - I think that one pound is just flux. I need to pick a time and get on the scale at the same time every day. Fries are offically a once a week treat.


Monday, January 7, 2008

The 300 dollar electric bill.

Normal Electric: Approx. 140

So my cost to run the furnace and the lehr. Approx 150 a month.

That is not crazy bad, but it is not crazy good.

I figure some total costs to run but not build.

100 pounds of raw glass: 80 bucks
Electric: 160 bucks
Gas: 200 bucks

30 hours of glass blowing.

So about 12 dollars an hour to run the shop. I think it is about 5 dollars more than that for my lack of not nailing the cost down. I will have a better idea next month.


ps. Food intake for today. I figure if I have to write it out I might shame myself into not eating as much.

1 pack of peanut butter crackers
1 RedBull Diet
2 Diet cokes
Turkey with cheese subway. 6 inch
bag of baked lays chips
14 oz drip coffee
2 turtle peanut things about the size of a quarter

I think I can hold off to diner now.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Resolutions -!

Ok that is fat. Seeing how we are doing the whole new years thing lets do this the right way.

To be honest I will never stop eating what I like. I just refuse to curb good food. That might sound strange to people that think loosing weight is all about not eating. I could not agree any less. It is about getting up off your arse and doing something other than watching Matlock reruns and eating a whole bag of chips.

Resolution #1:

Loose 10 pounds. This should be not a crazy amount of weight to drop. I should be able to do this. People tend to pick large numbers and never pull it off. Lets see if I can pick a realistic number and hit a home run. Target weight 230, then I will set anouther goal.

Resolution #2:

Get off my arse more. Ok so that is directly connected to resolution #1. I actually don't sit around that much. It is just that I eat more than I move. So in the spirit of equality lets make a point to move more. Starting this weekend we will hit is in a small way and work our way up. Walking 30 minutes a day. I will try to transition this into running.

Resolution #3:

Stop trying to fix things I have no control over. That one is not as easy as it sounds. I am a work in progress.

Resolution #4:

Communication...No more negitive communications. I am going to take a cue from my friend Robert and go all positive. I am going to take a cue from my friend Kim and listen more and talk less. I am going to take a cue from my wife and actually just fix the problem instead of talking about it.

Ok so 4 things I need to work on. I can handle 4 right?