Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shell Night Pictures

Ok here we go. This is the second gather on making a paperweight. The inside of this is cobalt blue and the outside is clear. All glass glows orange when it is hot. I guess that is why they say "red hot".
Here is that same paperweight with iris gold, copper green on the outside and you can just see the cobalt blue on the insdie where the swirl starts to go transparent. All part of the grand plan!
He is the picture of that same paperweight from the side. Molli made it black and white so that you cold see more of the detail. It is all orange at this point as it has not cooled down enough to start showing it's true color.
Ok peanut butter jelly time! I kid, this is one of the new shells that I was making last night. This one is going to be pretty damn cool.
Here is your leader! I look tired...I think I need a beer.

I will post the results tomorrow so you can see what everything looks like.
PS> Hi Grandma...seems you found my blog.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shell Night

Ok shell and paperweights tonight. MiniMolli is going to help me out but it is going to be a spectators sport for her. She is not feeling well but everyone else has bugged out on me.

So If I had to guess she will bring a book, large drink, and just watch making sure that I don't set myself on fire. Maybe a punti here and there.

Maybe I can talk her into taking a bunch of shop pictures.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Quicky before the weekend...Surf is up no time to terry.

Ok so Plum posted that I seem to make only big stuff to I scraped around a little bit in my pictures folder for some smaller stuff. The problem being is that often when I make smaller stuff it is gone before I have a chance to take a picture of it. This is my first try at a shell. Pretty damn snazzy! The second one was liberated from my sunroom by my mother-in-law. She had this really evil grin and when I said "what?" she showed me what she was hiding in her hands. I just wanted to make a couple to see if I could do it. I am going to find a way to improve on the design and work with it. I think when I get done it will be clear that these were version 1.0 and the new one will have more life to them. Glassblowing to me is all about improving and finding your nitch. You have to learn the skills to be able to apply them to your own vision or some kind of hippy karma thing like that. Anyway, I have so ideas on how to make this design better and make it something really neat. I have friend Ron that was the first person I ever saw make these, now I have seen them in a couple of other places as well. Mine are a shadow of his but I plan to go a different direction with mine. Again, this was just the first stab at it.

Here is the bottom. It really is a pretty neat and I have seen it in more than a couple places. I am really into the inside effects and that is what I am going to spend more time tweaking. I like the idea of picking it up and seeing something that is more interesting than the outside.Some older bowls that I no longer have. Still they are pretty cool from my 2nd year blowing. Smaller stuff mind you about 7 inches across.
The Reef Paperweight. Always a favorite. CorkChop has this one I think this is the second time I have put a picture of this up. I miss the Reef Paperweight, I need to make anouther one.
Hurricane Ivan Paperweight. That sand is from my Fathers Condo wrapped around Iris Gold. Everyone really likes these...again something I need to make more of. I sell these after I sand them down for about 50 dollars. I have to because I have about a 50% failure rate from the sand shattering the piece. So when they do live, they are really a labor of love because anyone in their right mind would not live with a 50% failure rate. Works much better with Spruce Pine than Gabbert Cullet it has something to do with the COE of the glass. SP(96), Gabbert(closer to 92).

Ok outta here. Surf is up time to hit the beach. Stay away from the east end the reflection off my pale white skin might blind you as I pattle out.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quicky Pics.

Ok so I ran around the other day tryng to find a gift for a party we where going to. It had to be a bowl of a smaller size so that we could use it a specific way. In the process I was pulling out all the stuff that I had packed away for my next booth sale. As you can see here I got into my floppy bowl box and pulled out a bunch of older ones. I took a quick picture just so I could show you guys. I think the purple, blue, and white one will vanish quick at the booth. I am always surprised the one in the front does not go. It is one my my favorites but it is also priced higher than the rest...ponder.
This is a picture of a bunch of my really old stuff. I mean really old from the first year I was blowing glass. I am going to use it around town as the I found this glass stuff. If you don't know what I am talking about go check out the link. I hide stuff all over the place. Mostly in Pensacola but it has been known to get to other location either by my hands or others. Anyway, I left a marble at Chillies last night and I plan on putting all this stuff out over the weekend for fun. I will gets some friends to help maybe do it on the beach.
Here are some of the tumbers I made for the "Hot Glass Cold Beer" night at the Belmont. It really went off pretty well again. I think that everyone has a lot of fun at this event and I can't wait to see some of the funds go towards some new pipes and maybe a knock-off bench with a torch.

Ok that is it for today kids.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Ok so we have and update.

Ok just a couple of quick pictures I will take some time to do more on this later. Just wanted to get one or two up so I could get to work.

Ok here is the 99.5% complete shed. I ran out of drip edge just at the end and had to make anouther run to Home Depot(18). You can see the naked piece right in the left hand front corner. Other than that, this baby is done. I looked everywhere for a door but they all seemed so bland and did not fit with the building. So I built one.

This is from the porgula side and you can see the large boxwood bush/tree/shrub to my right. I am going to put some citrus trees, and elephant ears around this guy. Maybe even some bambo I just can't make up my mind. Either way you look at it by the end of the summer I will have more landscaping around it before the shop is open.

Here is a quick shot of the inside with the left over lumber. I will use it to build a floor to window self deal just inside the door to the left.
This was a poor picture of the quicky shelf I put up to hold of the boxes full of glass. Everything is kind of been thrown in here for the time being until I can clean out the garage and get things the way I want them.

Ok that is it for right now. I have more pictures I will add in a bit to this point. This is just a first pass to get the shed pics up.



Thursday, May 17, 2007


Ok, so I have a post ready to go I just need to get the pictures in it.

Larry, it addresses your question.

Sorry work has me by the....

Pictures this weekend.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nice Shed Man.

Ok so the shed is done. Maybe MiniMolli will break away from work and go take a picture of it today....maybe.

I have even started to move stuff into it. Alas, that also means that I am going to have to do some serious cleaning in the garage to make a spot for the shop. Although, the faster I can get the garage cleaned out the faster I can get the electric in. That is the big hump #2, big hump #1 is cutting the garage in 1/2 and rebuilding it. So now you are up to speed on the construction part. Although I kind of look like a old man walking around sore from my head to my toes. I did not know I had muscles in some parts of my body, but I know now. I am thinking of creating a workout based on building a shed. Build a shed, shed a couple...or something silly like that.

The Glass. Well it has been uneventful. I have just been making tumblers I don't have the creative juice to think about much else right now. All my energy is going into work and building all the stuff for the shop. I have all these things floating around in my head I want to do but just can't be done in a rental slot or in my current mental state which is set to worn out.

Ok that is it today kids, back to work.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Life is Good.

I just realized that everything is going pretty damn well right now. Work is busy busy, but not out of control. You know that kind of busy that makes the day go by really quick but not so out of control that is it stressful. I give a lot of credit to the people that I work with everyday for that one. CorkChop, The Mexican, Nysidra, Fart Blossom, and a host of other characters that I am sure don't want me talking about them here.

Anyway on that note I have news on a couple of fronts. First off let’s talk about the last Hot Glass Cold Beer night at the Belmont Arts Center. I will make this quick. This is the last one this summer as it is just getting to hot in the Glass Blowing area to continue after this one(Corrected they are having them all summer it seems). I plan on making tumblers on my personal time to have in "reserve" for people that I know that make it up to the shop. So if you come this time I have a tumber hiding out in the back for you.

Second, I am going to GAS (Glass Art Society) conference this year to network my little glass ass off. Ok so it is not so little, but the idea is the same. The glass world is such a small little place and everyone is connected in some way to someone else that works with glass. You have heard of the 6 degrees of separation? In glass it is more like 2 degrees. Anyway, it is in Pittsburgh this year and I am bouncing off the walls to go. I will get to meet up with Damsel Under Stress, all the guys over at the Craftweb Board, Bella Forte Glass Master of the Pizza that posts here, MiniMolli's sister, Corkchops better half, and maybe Plum will muster up some steam to make it also.


What I have named "The Big Push". This is the first time I have loosed my code name for my shop on the world. Well, ok not that name of that shop itself that is going to be "Strong Street Studio" because, well it is on Strong Street and it sounds pretty cool. So the "The Big Push" or "TBP" for short is my name for everything I have been doing to get the shop up and going. I love lists so here is where I am:

#1. 2 pottery kilns without controllers. They are going to work fine for my annealers. I have all the parts for the controllers. This is the last thing I am going to worry about because I can fire them up as annealers and just baby them down.

#2. The home made furnace. I build one that will hold a 40 pound pot. This is going to be my color pot. Blues to start off with then maybe some copper ruby reds. Like the annealers this is already build now and just needs the controllers.

#3. The custom made clear furnace. I have this on order and it will hold about 80 pounds of clear glass or 50 depending on what kind of pot I put in the beast. I am going to go ahead and order an 80 pound pot and just fill it with what I need at any given time.

#4. Purchased all the pieces parts for the Gloryhole, that is the reheating furnace. I need to go pick up a new welder as I blew the other one up. This is something I don't talk about anymore but it was spectacular. This should be pretty easy to do, and well I need to get on this part.

#5. The shed...Which was the first part of "The Big Push" is almost done. I honestly at this point only need to construct a door and it is done. Then I can move all the crap out of the garage and start on the renovation in there. Good deal of work went into getting to this point. I can't wait to move all the crap out of the garage and toss the rest. Spring cleaning if you will.

#6. Have all my hand tools from Jim Moore, all my pipes from CRM, all my molds from Stienart, and all my wood blocks from Hot Blocks tools.

#7. Have my plans to build my bench. Have my buckets on wheels; knock off buckets...etc..etc.

#8. Ok I have no #8.

Things I still have to do by Aug. 12, 2007.

#1. Run the electric.
#2. Build the Glory.
#3. Build the Bench.
#4. Cut out the garage for the equipment under the pergola.
#5. Build the pull down door to secure the equipment when not in use.
#5. Build Controllers.
#6. Build the hood and secure vents.
#7. Mount the fans to keep me to cool for school.
#8. Buy MiniMolli and new fridge so I can move the old one out to my Glass blowing Lair for beer.
#9. Order batch/cullet.
#10. Install sound system because you can’t work without music.
#11. Party at the glass shop and everyone is invited of course.

Any questions?