Friday, December 14, 2007

Hot Beer Cold Glass....ops.

I ment Hot Glass Cold Beer! Everyone says it backwards I have no idea why. Come down and join us if you can. I will not be working at the demos tonight and will only be there in a "Stand back and watch the magic" kind of way. I might have to have a beer or two.


ray&kim said...


We didn’t connect! We know you were at hgcb (I keep wanting to say it backwards too--some psychologist should study this). We asked around about you and everyone knew you and had just seen you. We’ve seen pics of you in your blog and thought we would recognize you, but we were wrong. Unless you were in disguise and everyone else saw through it. I guess that’s a possibility.

So were disappointed we didn’t meet the Gnat Man. But otherwise it was a good evening. We watched Joe do his magical glass thing, and also the pottery demonstrations. We met Mercedes Rodgers, one of the pottery instructors. She’s talented, skilled, and very nice. Joe made large beautiful bowls that were auctioned off as they were being completed. Other interesting demos: lampwork/beadmaking, jewelry.

Lots of people came, it seemed like a pretty good turnout. We are going to become members of Belmont.

snowelf said...

If I want to say it right does that make me weird?



The Phosgene Kid said...

always allow the glass to thoroughly cool before filling with ice cold beer...

Gnat of Glass said...


Sorry that I missed you. I had so much going on that night I did not stay as long as I would have liked to.

Normally I stay that whole time and I either blow demos or I explain on thel loud speaker what is going on at the bench.

I hope that you made in time to get a cup as they always sell out. I heard that it was one of the better ones for the other artists as they where given much more attention this time around. I think that is going to become a theme around belmont to feature the other arts much more on glass night.

I hope to be more involved in the next HBCG night and I will let everyone know if we are.

Thanks for coming down. It is always a lot of fun.


No...ok yes it does.


Only you would put cold beer in the hot glass. In fact now that you have said that, I think we will do that very thing as a demo. You should see glass shatter when it hits water ripping hot!