Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Glassblowing time in Pensacola is here again!

Ok maybe not at my own shop, but Belmont is calling. I have a slot tonight from 6pm to 9pm for those of you that are new to the blog and based on my logs that is about 4 new people a month. Not bad.... I think...

Anyway, seeing as I have not done this in a bit I will let you guys in on what I am making tonight. I plan to make MAGIC! Ok maybe not magic but something short of really cool. Months back I did a multi piece install at StudioB and had a ton of fun with it. Jenny at Studio B is an amazing designer and has some really top notch fashion. At least that is what MiniMolli thinks because I am pretty sure she gets one of everything that the girl sells. Until she starts to stock mens designer boxers I am out of the loop. Back to the point. I have taken all the, what I like to call, "monster ornaments" and put them out in my front yard in the tulip tree. Now the tulips are not busting out like in this picture as it has the typical "winter death" look right now. This does give you and idea how big this tree is.

But what it does have is about 8 huge hanging ornaments on it. I am going to try to make 10 more tonight to hang from it for the rest of the season. I have already had 3 people ask about them....I will post a picture once I get them all in the tree on Friday.




javajo said...

That tree looks like a Japanese Magnolia or a Crapemyrtle. "Tulip", aren't those low-growing plants in Holland? Where the hell are the windmills?

MiniMolli said...

It is actually a Japanese Magnolia, also known as a Tulip Magnolia - not a 'Tulip tree' like Scott said. Scott, get your facts straight ;) It sure does make a mess too!

javajo said...

Hehe. One point awarded to the "Plant-Nazi". No plants for you, one year!

Gnat of Glass said...


I call it a Japanese Magnolia someone tells me it is a tulip tree I call it a tulip tree some wisenehimer calls it a Japanese Magnolia.

Ok Plant Nazi you win this round.