Friday, December 28, 2007

More cups than you can shake a stick at!

Ok so most of you know by now that I have been building a shop. Most of you also know that I have been waiting on my brother to get here so I could build the hood.

Well Ryan got here and so did my controller for the kiln to be turned into a lehr(annealer to cool down the glass). Now this would be really cool if it had not also caused us to throw all our plans out the window and just go crazy blowing glass for days on end. So the hood did not get built but Ryan and I got some serious time in at my new shop and have already started working out the kinks. We decided to just make cups. That sounds like a simple task no?

Ok I lied, I made a metric truck load of oraments for family and friends then we made nothing but cups. I should have taken pictures of those ornaments they where the best I have ever made. Very 50s. Mini might have taken a couple pics I will check with her when I get home.

Then we launched in the cups. We had tons of visitors from my Uncle Chuck to the Parental units on down to friends flopping down and drinking beers as we worked. It really turned into the kind of place I was shooting for. I looked around at any given time and people where just there to be there. No agenda just hanging out and having fun.

I may have made a pumpkin or two....I just can't shake them...I feel the pumpkin blood runs deep.....



Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We have power!

Ok pretty much all the power is done. I can at this point run everything in the shop. What I need to do now is build the hood, get the field box for the annealer and we are done. I really can't believe that I am this close to being done. I say that loosey goosey because you are never really done.

Anway, Ryan (my brother) is coming home for Christmas and we are going to work on getting the hood built. If I have any luck at all the field controller will show up while he is here and we can bang out a bunch of stuff. If not we will just play around and put what we can in the mini annealer. Either way we will be making some glass this christmas.

Tonight I need to crank out one final pumpkin before the new year for Mini's grandma who is visiting right now. I also need to crank out a couple more ornaments and a ring holder.

Last week I finally got the big pumpkin done in the colors that I wanted it in. Billy your stuff is done we just need to figure out how to get it to you. I was waiting to finally get that BAP done. It just did not want to happen for some reason.

So that is it for today. I will try to get some pictures up after tonights shop run.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Got to love a good parent.

Don't worry about those Jackhammer lady your kid is a lost cause. Only thing she is missing is a 6 pack of beer.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hot Beer Cold Glass....ops.

I ment Hot Glass Cold Beer! Everyone says it backwards I have no idea why. Come down and join us if you can. I will not be working at the demos tonight and will only be there in a "Stand back and watch the magic" kind of way. I might have to have a beer or two.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

ALO again.

Man these guys are on the perma rotation in my Ipod. I am really hooked on "Lady Loop".

AOL - Roses and Clover
I got a feeling your no angel!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Glassblowing time in Pensacola is here again!

Ok maybe not at my own shop, but Belmont is calling. I have a slot tonight from 6pm to 9pm for those of you that are new to the blog and based on my logs that is about 4 new people a month. Not bad.... I think...

Anyway, seeing as I have not done this in a bit I will let you guys in on what I am making tonight. I plan to make MAGIC! Ok maybe not magic but something short of really cool. Months back I did a multi piece install at StudioB and had a ton of fun with it. Jenny at Studio B is an amazing designer and has some really top notch fashion. At least that is what MiniMolli thinks because I am pretty sure she gets one of everything that the girl sells. Until she starts to stock mens designer boxers I am out of the loop. Back to the point. I have taken all the, what I like to call, "monster ornaments" and put them out in my front yard in the tulip tree. Now the tulips are not busting out like in this picture as it has the typical "winter death" look right now. This does give you and idea how big this tree is.

But what it does have is about 8 huge hanging ornaments on it. I am going to try to make 10 more tonight to hang from it for the rest of the season. I have already had 3 people ask about them....I will post a picture once I get them all in the tree on Friday.



Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The ditch is dug

Well the power run to the garage is about 50% done at this point. I would like to say that a ditch witch will kick your butt if you give it half a chance. I am honestly surprised that I did not loop off a limb in the process. That damn thing threw me around like a rag doll half the time.

The 400 amp service is on the house, the panels are in place on the house, the ditch is dug, pipe is down, line is run, ditch is covered back up, panel is on the garage, and the lines are being put in today in the garage.

I can smell it my friends oh yes....


Monday, December 10, 2007

The Belmont Bizzare (sic)

So this weekend was the Belmont Bizzare, yes that is sort of like mix between I assume Bizarre, Bazaar, and some kind of Pensacola Translation for Business like "The Bizz". To be honest Corkchop and I have had quite a few talks about this odd spelling and if you know me at all for me to be correcting someone elses spelling is ironic in and of itself.

The Belmont Bizzare this year was indeed bizarre. I will go on record and say that the very first one was a smashing success. People came out of the wood work for that one and I was very surprised by the sheer numbers of people. That was before christmas and everyone was looking to get stuff for family and friends I assume. The next Art Sale was in the summer and was to be very honest pretty slow. I attributed this to it not being christmas and people not looking for gifts for family and friends.

This years Belmont Bizzare was like the summer art sale. Now the weather was not the greatest so that might have had a little bit to do with it, but you can really tell a drop off in the customer base. I still did pretty good because we had basically taken everything that we had and marked it down 50%. I sold about 1/2 of the glass that I had stored up and that was great. I honestly don't believe that I would have sold much of anything if I was not marked down to the prices I had. I know for sure that everyone around me sold next to nothing. In fact two people sold exactly that...not a single thing.

Alas, I don't know what to suggest to get this show back on track. I know that after talking to people about it there was come things that came to the surface.

#1. No one is making anything different. It was the same stuff as last year. (customer feed back)

#2. Price points are either to high for what is there or the filp side they think this show is bottom feeder art and they would just rather go to the Gulf Coast Arts the month before.(customer feed back)

#3. They dont' like coming down to the Belmont. (customer that did not come)

#4. They did not know about it. (Me, and everyone I talked to)

Now I think that a lot of it is #4. Everyone that I personally talked to about it or e-mailed did not know about it. I think the single most important thing that could be done to make this a better show would be to figure out how to get the word out better. I think you could make a huge push one time and then ride on the rewards of that for years. Just look at the Gulf Coast Arts Festival they do next to no adverts now that they are established.

Anyway, it went well for me and I hate that it did not go well for others. I think they are going to have problems filling booths next year.

On a side note one of the elements droped into the glass pot last night. So I got to see my fist Si-Carbide element floating in molten glass. Cool looking, but not productive and one big pain in the arse for the Belmont. Sometimes that place just can't catch a break even when everyone is trying to make it happen.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Belmont Bizzare(sic) this Sat. Come one come all.

So some of you may know that I am having a fire sale this weekend. With the creation of my shop I am doing a purge of all my current glass. What does that mean to the average Joe? Nothing but all you fine people know that I am selling everything at 50% off at the Belmont Bizzare.

It is was very strange to go look at the glass that I had made over the last 4 years. I still have stuff that is dated 2003. Not that any of it is horrible or bad just different than what I make now. In fact some of it is so different, and made at a different skill level, I am not 100% sure that I could make it again.

The only things that are going to be normal price at the Belmont Bizzare are going to be the ornaments and pumpkins. Although I have quite a few pumpkins on the 50% off tables. That is because they where the ones that I felt where just a little bit off. I don't call them pumpkins I call them gords. They are all still pretty cool but what I consider seconds. Alas, for 10 bucks they are pretty darn nice.

Ok so wish me luck.