Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some shop pictures and Glass Orniments.

The wall of tools. As you can tell I have purchased maybe more than I need. What is it about tools and guys anyway we can never quite have enough of them.

What I like to call "The Mini" which is in no way an relation to MiniMolli. Ok other than they are both small and cute. When I get the electrical all fixed up this will become a bead annealer and color bar pickup over. Right now it is where I am putting all the things that I make at the home shop to cool down. As you can tell it is not very much room considerting I have made pieces that are bigger than this thing.

This is the burner for the glory hole. It is a Gibberson burner and man does it put out some heat! It sounds like a jet engine when it is at full tilt. I run it at about 20% and it is plenty hot for my samll glory. When I built a larger one I can just use this burner for it as well.

The Furnace. It is currently holding only a 40 pound pot in it. Which is just fine because I could not use the 80 pounds of glass anyway. Again, in a couple of years I will have to upgrade. I have plans my friends oh yes...I have plans!

Ok here we have a collection of some of the orniments that I have made over the last week.

Little bit closer view on some of them. I think all of these have already sold.
Here are the sacks full of "base glass" or "cullet" that I use for the furnace.
Close up on an orniment that is to grace a tree in Indiana I think.
One last picture because I like them so much.

I worked all last night and made a couple more pumpkins for special requests. I tried to make a "BAP"(BigAssPumpkin) for a friend as well but for the second time it has not worked out. I think that is really has something to do with my process. I am just going to have to work it out.



angel said...

wow gnat!!!
glass ornaments!!!
they're spectacular!!!

ray&kim said...

Beautiful ornaments. Are you going to be at the next (12/14/07) HGCB? After years of false starts, interrupted by hurricanes and other irksome matters, I'm finally getting into glassblowing (this time it's for real, dammit!).
Wife Kim and I have enjoyed your posts. We're in Mobile.

Gnat of Glass said...


Thank you very much Angel. We are having a bunch of fun making them.


Ray I am sure to be there this week. I have missed the last couple because I just have been so busy with building my own shop and work. Friday night are hard sometimes because that is my wife's night. It is hard for me to give up my time when she so looks forward to our Friday nights out on the town.

Alas I am sure to be there this time. You might also be interested in that on Dec. 8th they are having the Belmont Market (sic)Bizzare.

Also, there is a friend of mine in Mobile that comes over and blows glass. I will have to try get Rick to come to HGCB as well. Hear that Rick?! Plus we need some good pictures.


King said...

I like the "Wall of Death" medieval torture devices. You to can have your own set....available now only at Sears.

Cool stuff, Neck.

Gnat of Glass said...

The "WOD" -- I like that!


Anonymous said...

hi scott - it's funny sometimes how you get reminded that it really can be a small world. yesterday, i was talking with kim, of ray&kim, and she mentioned that ray was looking at taking some glass classes in new orleans. the conversation took an abrupt turn, ah, who could talk about work then, we could be talking about glass instead! i brought kim a brochure from belmont today, so ray could check it out. i'm kind of blown away to find a post from him. very cool.
nice ornaments, by the way. i've got this picture in my mind of you looking at what's already in the "mini" annealer, wondering just how many more pieces you can get in there.
hgcb sounds like a good excuse to come back to pensacola, i'll have to make it a point to be there.


Gnat of Glass said...


I will see you there. I expect you should have glass blowing duds on so that we can get you in there to make a cup.


javajo said...

Those glass ornaments are gorgeous. Man that is a one cool hobby, although it looks like you are well beyond the 'hobby' stage. : )

Anonymous said...

great! an invite to "dress down" and get hot - i'm looking forward to it!


Damsel Underdressed said...

Can you make me a snowman ornament? My tree has nothing but snowmen on it.

snowelf said...

I am not surprised AT ALL that your ornaments are all spoken for! They are so gorgeous!!