Monday, November 19, 2007

More Pumpkin pics.

This is my first try at some "artistic" pumpkin pictures. I might add this one makes an awesome desktop background! These are my new colors that I got in the other day and I wanted to test them out so I made the same sized pumpkin in each color.
Here is a non-artistic picture just so you can seem them all. Pink, green, orange, red, and pink again.
Here is the Yoke that I have been working on. Next is the heat shield. I will try and pick up some sheet metal tonight and get to welding the frame for the heat shield tomorrow.
**Disclaimer - MiniMolli is not responsible for my picture taking **


King said...

Veddy Viieece!

The Phosgene Kid said...

You have tot start blowign X-mas candy, so to speak...

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Nice photography, the yoke looks good and so do the pumpkins. Your right, that one photo would make a good background. I still think your pumpkin on your invitation looks really classy!

snowelf said...

Hey yea--are you going to have some Christmas Specialties too?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Molli!


Eternally Curious said...

I'm really excited about the strongstreet website (yes, I know it's still a ways off in the distance - but I'm excited anyway, OK?!). If you guys ever html a photo button (or a selection of photo buttons) which link to your new site, I would really like to put you in my sidebar! (Well - not you, really - just the button!) So far I have Jin and Jewels there, and I'm hoping to have Nathan in South Africa there soon too. So how 'bout it, huh? Sidebar buttons - the latest and greatest in word-of-mouth!

angel said...

wow- thats an awesome pic dude! gawjiss!
listen- do you have a blog button for the "strong street studio" we can add to our blogs as a link for the shop?