Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I had a great night.

Ok last night is going down as the official first night of glass blowing at Strong Street Studio.

It was a good night for so many reasons. It was the first time we where able to keep anything that we made in the studio so that makes it the first real night of work. I got to work with MiniMolli in the back yard in our own studio. I got to relax while drinking a red stripe to cool down and not worry about the time I was wasting.

Four Acorns, 3 marbles, and 2 drinking glasses. One of the acorns looks like it fell from the ugly tree and hit a couple branches on the way down but I don’t care. Our shop! They are sitting in the mini annealer cooling down as we speak. I plan on lighting that puppy back up tonight as well. More acorns, more marbles, more drinking glasses.

Strong Street Studio…I think I need to make some shirts now.



Anonymous said...

awesome! i know it had to feel good sitting at the bench in your own backyard. it's such a great setting anyway. you'll probably wind up having to put some seating in for the neighbors to gather on.


Amanda said...

Gnat, I have been lurking around still reading. I so enjoy your pictures and stories about your shop. I have been in a real funk lately and haven't posted as you so eloquently noted. Thought about just deleting the whole thing. Sometimes it's hard to find humor in everyday life but that is what keeps us going. Glad to know you are doing well.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Sign me up for one fo those shirts. I take the XXXtra-fatboy size and prefer red. Let me know how much. I think the shell would make a good logo for your shirts.

Gnat of Glass said...

Thanks Rick you know you can swing by any time. I hope to be up at the belmont tonight but I need to call and make sure everything is in working order.


It gets better. I laugh at myself everyday...then again so does everyone else. Laugh at me that is.


Mini is a design guru and I am sure she already has something in mind. Then shell is on the short list.


snowelf said...

This is so cool--I have really enjoyed all your posts lately cause it's so neat to watch someone's dream come into actualization. :)


Rich said...

Seeing as alliteration is one of my favourite writing devices I'd definitely want a Strong Street Studio Shirt... but only if it made me look like I'd missed every second branch falling out of the ugly tree.

Gnat of Glass said...


We don't understand big words around here.


Thanks, but we still have tons of work waiting. If the fickle finger of fate gives us a nice weekend we will whistle while we work.


The Phosgene Kid said...

Can't wait to see what mini comes up with

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Congratulations on getting it up and running. It's kind've nice being able to go out in the back yard and blow glass when you want.

Chunk said...

Congrats on all the hard work paying off. I need to learn from you how to finish projects. Haha.

angel said...

i love the name! and i'm so impressed you're finally fully up and running...
is minimolli going to photograph the acorns for us?

Damsel Underdressed said...

Oh! I definitely want a shirt too! I wouldn't mind an acorn or a tiny pumkin either. Email me and tell me how much.