Friday, November 16, 2007

Flashback Friday!


Chad, Jason, Kendal, and Scott.


Jason and Scott.

Every picture here is over ten years old.

Hope you have a great weekend.



javajo said...

Thanks for those. I remember being in the water with you guys on a good portion of those days.


snowelf said...

I love the ocean.

Have a great weekend, Scott! :)


Gnat of Glass said...

Strange that I don't have a picture of you in the archies J. You where there more than a good portion of those days.

I know Jason has quite a few of all of us. There is one longboard picture on the beach that I would kill for of all of us.

King you here that?!


King said...

Those were some awesome days....I hope to have more of those in the near future.

Neck, are you talking about the one of you pinching my ass?

The best pic I took was that one of Roose from the pier. Then Chad's perfect wave. Then you standing like some damn gladiator on the beach getting ready to go in. Hehe.

I have them all. I should scan them all and send them around.

King said...

By the way...some of those pics are nearly 20 years old.....

angel said...

sheeezz... those are awesome dude!