Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bring the Shop online for some fun.

Loaded up the scrap from the demo night and brought it online. Welding the rollers on the yoke tomorrow right when I get home while everything is getting hot.

Figured out he color box so that I can use it as a mini make shift annealer. MiniMolli and I are going to make some really small things we have an order for. Seeing how the Belmont is having some serious thermocoupler issues and I might not get to work on my night I will just get by with the mini annealer to have some fun. Maybe Kim will see my post and drop by tomorrow night to have beer and a go. We might even be able to do it tuesday night as well depending on how things go.

Hi Kim.

I am going to pick up the hood in Panama City Beach on Sat. as well as get my hands on my 400 amp breaker box for outside the house. It is all getting real now. Hold on kids everything changes the moment that the electrical gets run and the hood is up.



Sloth said...

Well seeing the shop is coming right along just make me want to really get back to P-cola. Now all I got to do is talk bonnie into it. What is going to be a whole other issue. Wish I was there. In 2 weeks will be in south florida and in 6 week will be there in P-cola. (Not wanting to leave) I don't know how you got back after setting up shop in Jersey will have to tell me the secret when I am home for Christmas. Till then Keep it Centered and make the dream come alive!


glassblowingman said...

hey man - love yer new studio !!
we're just getting started up here..could you throw me a little info how you did those curled "snail shells" - they kick ass !!
keep it hot !

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott.
Thanks for the invite...meeting with my group till 8:30 this eve, Soccer game on Tues. eve. till 7ish. I will do a drive by after both and see if there is any action going on. Again, thanks for the invite.