Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Where are the Gnomes when I need them. Oct. 3rd - 10 days out.

Well I know it has been a couple days and I am here to give you and update on the progress. We are inside of the 10 day count down. I plan to update the blog every day to give a running break down of what kind of crazyness I am dealing with. I am going to go ahead and leave out that I am working my day job and just focus on what I am doing at the studio.

Last night I made 16 pumpkins. I think that I only lost 3 of them which is pretty good. When I say lost I will let you guys in on a little secret. Glass never works out the first time, only works out the second time half the time and the third time only some of the time. Got that? I knew you guys would be with me. Short story is glass breaks..a lot!, it falls on the floor, it cools wrong, or any number of a hundered things go wrong and a pumpkin dies and early death.

I think the total number of pumpkins right now stands at just around 110 give or take 2 in either direction. We have not put them all out at one time yet but I am just itching to do that. I want to hold off on a "group photo" until I have my "upper goal" of total pumpkins. Ok so it was a dream to have 120 pumpkins for the party but it looks like short of and equipment fubar I will make that tonight. Everything after that is going to go toward funky pumpkins...IE> crazy colors or shapes.

I have completed the wall build on the far side of the garage maybe MiniMolli will put up a picture today if she reads this. We only have to get the shelves and the lights up to finish it. I put the glory hole and the furnace together into it's final stages last week as well. I am missing a part for the Glory Hole but I am looking for it at the local hardware shops. Should be test fired by the weekend. I am going to go buy a welder this Friday, lots of angle iron, some square pipping, and get to work on the bench and marver.

Cross your finders we are in the home stretch.


p.s. Suring agian as much as I can. Jellyfish still really hurt. It is true that you forget pain.


Damsel Underdressed said...

I can't wait to see that group pumpkin photo!

I can't say I know how much a jellyfish sting can hurt but I can vouch for how much pavement does. ;)

angel said...

you've been busy- i'm very impressed!
i can't wait for a "group" picture of the pumpkins- ilove them!