Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oct. 9th - 5 day out - The List Maker.

Putting this up again because you can't see it unless you scroll down. Plus we are getting close!
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Making lists is the only way that MiniMolli can keep me on track. It is not that I don't work it is that I will work on 20 different things and get them all 80% done. If I don't have a list I get most of the way done then think "hey I will come back to that it is pretty much done" then well you can figure out the rest. With a list I get to mark something off when it is done and I have no idea why that works for me but it gets me to finish it because I refuse to mark it off a list if it is not 100%.

Next post I will have some pictures of the shop. I am not so sure that Mini will let me show them. She might go take some more because I don't really take my time with pictures like she does. You will get 1/2 a bench with 1/2 of my index finger and maybe part of my right foot in the picture.

I did however finish up the wood seat on the bench and all that is left is the rail stops and the 1/2 hardwood rail cover. The cover is optional but would be a really cool touch. Going to get the gas for the glory on the way home today 2-40 pound tanks. Also need to do a bunch of touch up on the electrical and ...drum roll.....yard work.

Until later with the pictures.




snowelf said...

I am all about the lists too. :)


javajo said...

I am just loving the process of the shop, pumpkins and kissing Molli (vicariously of course) coming together. So sad we can't be there to witness the big event in person. Congrats you guys, it is one hell of an accomplishment. Good on ya, Neck.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I've notice women are all about lists of things for men to do. Mrs. Phos has been working on one for me for 33 years and we haven't hit the end yet...

They seem to be good at sorting too...

Chunk said...

I for one, welcome our List Making Overlords.....

I cant function without them.

Gnat of Glass said...

Snow: I am just the list handler.

j: Man you have a serious workload yourself. Evyerone should checkout what you are doing. Makes me want to move.

Phos: Your talking about "The List" I am just working of a sublist. Sort of a nested list loop if you will.

Chunk: LMOs...they are the greese in the bacon, the garlic in the chili, the monkey in the wrech...I don't know what all that adds up to but you got some bad ass perpetrators and they are here to stay.


jin said...

You're famous!
I've etched you into my cookie dough! ;-)
Come see!!

Ruela said...

Looking closely i see faces

EXSENO said...

Gnat, you have so many different sites I can never decide which one to go to. Did you do that beautiful pumkin in the pic.