Monday, October 8, 2007

Oct. 8th - 5 days out...missed a day.

Ok sorry I missed a day. This one is going to be light as well. I will try to add some pictures to these post soon but I am just to busy working.


Cutting and Welding Marver done! - Scott
Cutting and Welding Bench done! - Scott
Shelves Done! - Molli
Signs - Done! - Molli
Painting the garage - Done! - Huge Molli!
Moving all the equipment into place - Done! - Molli and Scott
Painting the Outside Work Bench - Done! - Molli
Clear the garage - Done! - Molli
Get Palets for Display - Done! - Scott

Ok I am sort a bunch of stuff but honestly I could go on for hours with this stuff. MiniMolli has done so much I might have to take her to Norway or something for vacation.

Things left to do before Sat:

Cut the wood for the bench seat.
Paint the bench.
Paint the marver.
Make displays for the pumpkins.
Run outdoor lighting.
Yard work...tons and ton of yard work.
Buy booze.
Yard work.
Kiss Molli.
Yard work.
Get with Mike Desorbo and get the food ordered.
Test fire the glory hole.
Test fire the furnace.
Test fire the color box.
Kiss Molli.
Do more yard work.
Kiss Molli.
Go to Ozones for Pizza.

I am sure I am missing a lot of things here I don't have the to do list in front of me. I am sure there is yard work on it to do.


168 pumpkins total - Done! - Scott, Kim, Tim, and Molli

I have counted them twice now...I would like to go on record as saying that my parents took one. So that is 169, and my friends have taken a 4 of them so that is 174 and one of them was liberated from the shop by someone with no soul at all. IE> Rogued. 175 was the end total everything from this point on is just "experimental". Back to the rogue, who steals a pumpkin?

So I have blew my goal of 120 out of the water.

I will start making only clear pumpkins Wed. night which will be the very last pumpkins I make this year. I am going to save the very last pumpkin that I make at the Belmont then take the very first pumpkin I make in my own shop and have a contest with them. One for the people that come to the grand opening and one for my online friends. Those that come and are online get two chances.

Ok that is it for today. I did not spell check this or read it so it may be really disjointed and horrible spelling. I will come back later and check it. Later guys.



Damsel Underdressed said...

There is a lot of smoochin' on your "To Do" list. ;)

Jewels said...

Hmmm, I think Molli got passed on the kisses a bit. I'm sure she deserved a few more than the ones already mentioned... Poor Molli.

As you can guess, I'm disagreeing with D.U. NOT ENOUGH SMOOCHING! ;)