Saturday, October 6, 2007

Oct. 6th - 7 days out. One week and counting.


We counted the pumpkins last night and signed them all. MiniMolli actually just walked into the office where they are all on the floor and raised her hands up over her head and screamed "PUMPKINS!". As of right now we have 168 pumpkins total! Crazyness I tell you!


MiniMolli spent the day cleaning the shop, painting the shop, sweaping the shop, moving everything around in the shop, moving everything back around in the shop, and all around just making a bunch of progress in the shop. Me, I was up making pumpkins..surprise surprise. I did get and chance to figure out that welding is not something that happends overnight. I need a lot practice laying out a bead...or is is beed? Either way I think that I have the voltage turned down to low I will have to check into that tomorrow.

Progress is at hand my friends.


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Sloth said...

Hey how did you make the doors to the outside never got to see those!!! I know you were going to go light weight ---Steel? Wood? Going to try and post pics tonight if you get a chance check it out.