Friday, October 5, 2007

Oct. 5th - 8 days out - Time is a waste'n

This one is going to be real quick guys I have a truck load of stuff to do today.

First off I have been telling everyone what I am listening to for the week and it has become my Friday thing so without any more gilding of the lilly I give you:

The Bravery: The Sun and the Moon

Current favorite song is "Every word is a Knife In my Ear" and here are the sample lyrics.

Every word from your mouth is a knife in my ear
Every thought in your head is like poison to hear

You think he is hating on some girl? Just a guess...

Now the quick update:


Did nothing on it last night I was just way to tired. I got my drawings and such together and I am off to the Bell Steel to get angle iron and what not. Then off the the welding shop to get a 220 single phase Mig welder.


Have not picked them up yet but that is after the run around to get the supplies. This will be the single biggest pickup I have ever had so I am looking forward to seeing them all in one spot. 33 pumpkin pickup!

I will update as I go and try to get some action shots of the studio coming online. Well ok me working in the studio...ok MiniMolli working in the studio me drinking and sitting in the shade.



jin said...

Will email you that recipe sometime today... it's just crazy here!!!

p.s. You are the next Blogger Love cookie!!! (post coming soooon.):-D

angel said...

check it out!
my prize from scott

snowelf said...

It's totally going to be worth it. Hang in there Scott!! :)