Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Here comes the rain again.

No words have ever been more true. MiniMolli went up to Indy to help with some family stuff and has left me here all by myself for about a week. Now you might be thinking "Wow Gnat you can do whatever you want!". If that was the case I would have been out working in the studio getting all the 10% things done that are left over from the Grand Opening. The studio was ready for demos but not to actually fully work out of. I still have quite a bit to finish up including the last electrical run from the new 400amp box. Get the annealer 100%, and getting a hood in place. Granted I don't have to get the hood done but it would help me sleep at night.

The sky opened up and poured it's heart out on Pensacola the day that Mini left. It has not stoped long enough to drive to work let alone get out and do anything in the studio. It has been in a solid state of precipitation for a 6 days. Ok Sat there was about 5 hours it did not rain, but it did rain hard that day so I am counting it. I have every manner of mushroom growing in the yard and flowerbeds from all the rain. The Bamboo is shooting up new combs just because it thinks it is monsoon season and the cats sit and the window all day looking for the Arch to float down the street.

There is something in the back of my mind that keeps poking my brain that once Mini steps off the plane all the rain will go away, the sun will come out, and a rainbow will form above her with doves flying up to the heavens backed by that stange musical cord that sounds like angels. HAHAH I kid, I need more time to clean the house I have a mess here!



Damsel Underdressed said...

It is so obvious how much you love her and that is soooo cute!

angel said...

aaawwww thats so sweet!!!