Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Glass pumpkins pictures as promised.

Glass pumpkin pictures. Now I will go on record and say that these pictures do not do the pumpkins justice. Glass pumpkins just need to be held.

Mini took a picture of each pumpkin so that I could look back on them next time I make them and figure out what color combos I want to use next time. The Glass Pumpkins are really quite fun to make and I still have to make a hand full of them once the furnace is back online.

So here is what I call the nubby pumpkin.
This one is actually deep ruby red. The picture browned it out a little bit.

I like this one, Amber and gold.
More Amber with a back stem. You guys think Mini likes the amber ones?
"The invite pumpkin" in it original color.

Ok so this is it for the Glass Pumpkin Pictures for right now. I am not sure how many I can break away from Mini's death grib on the file folder. Apparently they have become placed in the "CPV" creative pumpkin vault only to see the light again next year.


snowelf said...

I really, really like the green one. :)

Did it stop raining yet?!!?


The Phosgene Kid said...

Those are fantastic!

angel said...

oh gnat they truly are spectacularly gorgeous! sheer genius i think!

Eternally Curious said...

I really like the nubby one and the emerald green one (this last must be the Irish in me, eh?) (^_^)

You're dealing with a lot Gnat - best of luck to you.

The Phosgene Kid said...

They are all great, I guess we'll have to wait until Strong Street opens their vault next year to see more punkins!!!

EXSENO said...

I love them all. Fantastic.