Thursday, October 11, 2007

Glass Blowing Wed. Night

Last night was that last glassblowing slot I had before the Pumpkin Patch Party/Grand opening. Now lets start this off with how many things went wrong. My glass partner in crime has not been talked about much here because well I did not know how much was "ok" to talk about with her. Some people don't like their lives all over the interwebnetthing. Anyway, we had a little pow-wow last night and I have the green light to pull her into the fox hole with me. She was already there she was just the one hiding behind the sack of ammo waiting to surprise you.

Anyway, as everyone that works knows things get out of control. I would even go so far as to say control is an illusion and it is just ordered chaos. All manner of things went crazy at work for her last night and it is amazing she even made it to the shop at all. We started a little late which was not a issue as it all worked out, but what happend after that what is really interesting. I would love to spin a tail of how it went to shit and we pulled it all out making 30 pumpkins. That my friends is not even close to what happend. It was fun however because of the fact that we finished well past my pumpkin number goal over a week ago. The fact that everything was breaking, and stems where hosed, and pumpkins where just not working did not matter. There was not any stress around it at all. There was actually no problem at all as we just kind of laughed at the comical folly of it all. There was just us enjoying that fact that we made it. Sometimes a bad night is really not a bad night at all. It is a bad night that was fun because we where so far ahead of the bell curve it did not matter and it dawned on us that we could walk out right then and there. It turned into a nice night of watching things break and talking about our week.

Then as if a magic hand came down and touched us we made the most crazy cool acorn ever. It was out first try at it. I had mentally figured out how to make it but we had never tried to make one. If that one comes out, if it lives to see the light of day without breaking it will forever kind of remind me of this journey. How we stressed out trying to make this goal, prepared, beat the system and had one hell of a bad day at the end. Alas, it changed at the last minute and became a great day with one piece "The Acron". In a way it is interesting that it was and acron. Something so small that starts out to grow into something huge like a oak tree. Maybe this was some kind of signal that everything is now on it's way. I can't wait to see the TREE!

Kim I know you did not want me to change my posts or say anything but that is just tuff. Without your spirit, your encouragement, and your help the march to 168 pumpkins would never have made it. Your wrong when you say "I would have found someone else", you are as much a part of this as I am.

Thank you.


PS. I got a fortune cookie Tuesday night that said the following:

"You will enjoy doing something different this coming weekend."


MiniMolli said...

I second that!!

Sloth said...

OK now it is ornament time!!! lol it never stops. Check out my page finally got all the pictures up. Hope all goes well this weekend and the shop goes off without a hitch. One day it will the Novota borthers that put something together that make us really stand out in the crowd.

snowelf said...


That is SUCH great news!! I am so happy you were able to turn a "bad" night into something great. Sometimes when everything goes "wrong", the only thing you can do is laugh.
I was also showing off the pumpkin invite to my friends at school yesterday because two weeks ago there was this big art festival here and someone's aunt and uncle does a similar set up to you and Molli's. So my whole Net Security class admired you and Molli's work. :)

I wish you all so much success at the Pumpkin Party!


p.s. Nice fortune! :D

snowelf said...

p.s Duh! I never read in your profile you were a Cisco guy. That answers my CCNA question. :)