Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Belmont and My shop.

Ok so the Belmont is down and out. Joe Hobbs busted up the ElectroGlass furnace to replace the pot. Now for the last couple of years we have been working out of a pot that Luke Jacomb had secured for us from Guadalupe Glassworks when our other pot cracked and started to leak. What Luke did was get us a smaller pot that would sit inside the older one. The smaller one that was nested was a 100 pound pot that was about 1/4 the price of the original. It lasted two years! The draw back was that we lost 40 pounds of capacity. Now the Belmont has used some of the "Hot Glass Cold Beer" fund rasing money to purcahse the invested crucible that is made specific for it's furnace. The smaller pot has finally fractured and at 1/4 the cost was about the smartest temp fix ever. What they, ok Joe has to do at this point is take the whole beast apart. Take a hammer and chisel to the hardend cooled glass and basically chip it out to get the invested pot into the furnace. We really hope this lasts 3 years otherwise the investment in the invested will not vest. So the Belmont is going to be down for at least a week if not more. Get that? Got it? Good!

Anyway back my shop. Last night I put the wood rails on my steel glass blowing bench and painted it black. Along with the marver. They are now pretty much rust proof and I wish I could say that same thing about my tools. I am going to get with my Uncle Chuck real soon and get his advice on how to put a hood in this thing as well as track down my electrician for the 400amp push. I figure that the hood and the electric are the only things holding me up at this point. I sure would like to get this 100% in the next couple of weeks but I think it is going to take longer. I might actually fire everything back up again for fun and make some acorns for practice.

EW!! I have to order glass to melt...and get controller...and get...and get....



angel said...

sheeeezzz... i do hope it works for as long as you want it to, you have a LOT on your plate!

Anonymous said...

hey dude. Shop looks awesome. I'm so pleased you got it all going. Sorry I flaked out on you a bit in Seattle, but it was nice to see you that one night. I'm just super busy with all this museum stuff thats going on.

Hope to see you next september at my show in new orleans.