Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Glass pumpkins pictures as promised.

Glass pumpkin pictures. Now I will go on record and say that these pictures do not do the pumpkins justice. Glass pumpkins just need to be held.

Mini took a picture of each pumpkin so that I could look back on them next time I make them and figure out what color combos I want to use next time. The Glass Pumpkins are really quite fun to make and I still have to make a hand full of them once the furnace is back online.

So here is what I call the nubby pumpkin.
This one is actually deep ruby red. The picture browned it out a little bit.

I like this one, Amber and gold.
More Amber with a back stem. You guys think Mini likes the amber ones?
"The invite pumpkin" in it original color.

Ok so this is it for the Glass Pumpkin Pictures for right now. I am not sure how many I can break away from Mini's death grib on the file folder. Apparently they have become placed in the "CPV" creative pumpkin vault only to see the light again next year.

Glass Pumpkins

Ok I just called MiniMolli she is going to send me some pictures of my glass pumpkins that we took before we had the party. Now that it is over I will start posting a couple of them for fun. They are so cute.

Incoming glass pumkin pictures......


Monday, October 29, 2007

Glass Blowing Blues.

No new stuff. Equipment is shut down.



Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Tunes.

To keep on track with my Friday music here is what I am listening to today.

Matt Costa

I find his music very easy to sing and just kind of mumble along to in the same way a lot of the slower versions of Beatles songs are. This is the Cd that Mini and I throw into playlists when we have parties and such. Great for just unwinding.

"Yellow Taxi" is strong with the Beatles force. "Songs we Sing" is anouther that sounds like John should rise from the dead and start singing with him.

If I had to discribe this album in one word it would be "Soothing".


Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Belmont and My shop.

Ok so the Belmont is down and out. Joe Hobbs busted up the ElectroGlass furnace to replace the pot. Now for the last couple of years we have been working out of a pot that Luke Jacomb had secured for us from Guadalupe Glassworks when our other pot cracked and started to leak. What Luke did was get us a smaller pot that would sit inside the older one. The smaller one that was nested was a 100 pound pot that was about 1/4 the price of the original. It lasted two years! The draw back was that we lost 40 pounds of capacity. Now the Belmont has used some of the "Hot Glass Cold Beer" fund rasing money to purcahse the invested crucible that is made specific for it's furnace. The smaller pot has finally fractured and at 1/4 the cost was about the smartest temp fix ever. What they, ok Joe has to do at this point is take the whole beast apart. Take a hammer and chisel to the hardend cooled glass and basically chip it out to get the invested pot into the furnace. We really hope this lasts 3 years otherwise the investment in the invested will not vest. So the Belmont is going to be down for at least a week if not more. Get that? Got it? Good!

Anyway back my shop. Last night I put the wood rails on my steel glass blowing bench and painted it black. Along with the marver. They are now pretty much rust proof and I wish I could say that same thing about my tools. I am going to get with my Uncle Chuck real soon and get his advice on how to put a hood in this thing as well as track down my electrician for the 400amp push. I figure that the hood and the electric are the only things holding me up at this point. I sure would like to get this 100% in the next couple of weeks but I think it is going to take longer. I might actually fire everything back up again for fun and make some acorns for practice.

EW!! I have to order glass to melt...and get controller...and get...and get....


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Here comes the rain again.

No words have ever been more true. MiniMolli went up to Indy to help with some family stuff and has left me here all by myself for about a week. Now you might be thinking "Wow Gnat you can do whatever you want!". If that was the case I would have been out working in the studio getting all the 10% things done that are left over from the Grand Opening. The studio was ready for demos but not to actually fully work out of. I still have quite a bit to finish up including the last electrical run from the new 400amp box. Get the annealer 100%, and getting a hood in place. Granted I don't have to get the hood done but it would help me sleep at night.

The sky opened up and poured it's heart out on Pensacola the day that Mini left. It has not stoped long enough to drive to work let alone get out and do anything in the studio. It has been in a solid state of precipitation for a 6 days. Ok Sat there was about 5 hours it did not rain, but it did rain hard that day so I am counting it. I have every manner of mushroom growing in the yard and flowerbeds from all the rain. The Bamboo is shooting up new combs just because it thinks it is monsoon season and the cats sit and the window all day looking for the Arch to float down the street.

There is something in the back of my mind that keeps poking my brain that once Mini steps off the plane all the rain will go away, the sun will come out, and a rainbow will form above her with doves flying up to the heavens backed by that stange musical cord that sounds like angels. HAHAH I kid, I need more time to clean the house I have a mess here!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

1st Annual Strong Street Studio Pumpkin Party

As promised here are some pictures of the Strong Street Studio Glass Pumpkin Party in Pensacola Florida. That sentence was for the search engines...

Now for the good stuff. Here I am about 2pm on the day of the party just as we got all the pumpkins out of the packing and after I set up all the display pallets. Great idea my dad had for making the pumpkin display out of pallets I think. What you see here is about 180 glass pumpkins and me...with my alter ego.

Here is a close up of the front of the group of glass pumpkins. Pretty much everything you see here is gone. I think I only have about 12 pumpkins left and of those maybe half of them are on hold for people to come pick up. I also have orders for about 20 more.

Here is a closer picture of the back end of the pumpkins. The one that it on the invite is in this crowd. Bianca Lee purchased the invite pumpkin and did not even know it until she paid for it and MiniMolli told her.

This is the only picture that we got of the bigger display before the everyone started picking off the their favorites. It was so much fun to see everyone pick one up and say "I love this one" then put it down and go "No this one!...Wait look at that one!". This is about 10 minutes into the offical opening.

Now we are about 4:30 and people are really starting to roll in. We had the light all strung up and a free bar with beer and wine. I even had a bartender! Thanks Kendal!

Here is a shot of the glory hole, marver, and bench. We have not started up demos yet but I would guess this was about 4:45 or so and there might be about 50 people here at this point. I think before the night was over about 250 people went in and out of my back yard.

Below is the night before the party. We needed to give the equipment a once over before we did demos the next day. Here is the first offical gather from the furnace. That is Kim in the background opening up the furnace for me. If you look close she is grinning like a mad woman!

This is the glory hole all fired up and reheating the first piece ever at the new studio.

Here I am putting the side walls on the first piece. It was a drinking glass and you can see Kim's son Conner in the background. He is a future Master Glass blower. He is quite good already. Dig MiniMollli's red chairs.

Once last parting picture. Me grinning while looking at my first gather ever in my own shop. I was trying not to smile.

Thank you to everyone that came to the pumpkin party and grand opening. It has blown me away how many people came, purchased, and wished me well.

I would also like to take some time to thank the people that really put in and helped me out.

Ed for understanding how important this was for me and helping me every chance he got.

Dad and Mom for always being there on the spot to lend a hand.

Kendal and Tina for really knocking it up a notch and leanding a huge hand at the party.

Tim, Mike, Joe, and Rick for helping at the Belmont any chance they could.

Mike DeSorbo for kicking out the awesome food.

Kim for being the engine that never died in the shop. Helping me make all these pumpkins and always there to listen to me bitch and vent about how things where not working as I planned. You where a driving force that had endless energy.

Last but not least to my wife and best friend MiniMolli: It could not happen without you. You are the best thing that has ever happend to me and this would have never ever happend without you. I could write 20 pages about everything you did, helped with, or made happen. You are my muse.



Sunday, October 14, 2007


Just wow!

It went great...better that great...It was awesome!

I will be back to give everyone the low down and dirty with pictures.


Friday, October 12, 2007

A chill is in the air... one day left

Just a reminder...

Progress is going very nicely. Will be sure to post some photos of the setup soon.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Glass Blowing Wed. Night

Last night was that last glassblowing slot I had before the Pumpkin Patch Party/Grand opening. Now lets start this off with how many things went wrong. My glass partner in crime has not been talked about much here because well I did not know how much was "ok" to talk about with her. Some people don't like their lives all over the interwebnetthing. Anyway, we had a little pow-wow last night and I have the green light to pull her into the fox hole with me. She was already there she was just the one hiding behind the sack of ammo waiting to surprise you.

Anyway, as everyone that works knows things get out of control. I would even go so far as to say control is an illusion and it is just ordered chaos. All manner of things went crazy at work for her last night and it is amazing she even made it to the shop at all. We started a little late which was not a issue as it all worked out, but what happend after that what is really interesting. I would love to spin a tail of how it went to shit and we pulled it all out making 30 pumpkins. That my friends is not even close to what happend. It was fun however because of the fact that we finished well past my pumpkin number goal over a week ago. The fact that everything was breaking, and stems where hosed, and pumpkins where just not working did not matter. There was not any stress around it at all. There was actually no problem at all as we just kind of laughed at the comical folly of it all. There was just us enjoying that fact that we made it. Sometimes a bad night is really not a bad night at all. It is a bad night that was fun because we where so far ahead of the bell curve it did not matter and it dawned on us that we could walk out right then and there. It turned into a nice night of watching things break and talking about our week.

Then as if a magic hand came down and touched us we made the most crazy cool acorn ever. It was out first try at it. I had mentally figured out how to make it but we had never tried to make one. If that one comes out, if it lives to see the light of day without breaking it will forever kind of remind me of this journey. How we stressed out trying to make this goal, prepared, beat the system and had one hell of a bad day at the end. Alas, it changed at the last minute and became a great day with one piece "The Acron". In a way it is interesting that it was and acron. Something so small that starts out to grow into something huge like a oak tree. Maybe this was some kind of signal that everything is now on it's way. I can't wait to see the TREE!

Kim I know you did not want me to change my posts or say anything but that is just tuff. Without your spirit, your encouragement, and your help the march to 168 pumpkins would never have made it. Your wrong when you say "I would have found someone else", you are as much a part of this as I am.

Thank you.


PS. I got a fortune cookie Tuesday night that said the following:

"You will enjoy doing something different this coming weekend."

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Flattery - Someone ripped off my design!

I have a wonderful friend that makes baked masterpieces. Every now and then she has some fun and makes a cookie in the form of someone she likes. Today seems to be my lucky day as one of my bowls got the nod from her demented sugar encrusted mind.

Go See the Cookie version on my Green Bowl.

"The Jin" as she is called by her loyal followers makes this...this...really really good chocolate oblivian cake that I order. I only let myself get it twice a year because it would be as big as a house if I got it every time I wanted it.

I wonder if I will get the cookie....

Ok to the shop:

Remember all that yard work I had listed. I got 2 of the 6 yard works done. Cleaned up a lot. Not much more to say about it other than it is down to yard work and cleaning.

I did fire up the Glory Hole (reheating furnace) last night and it sounds like a jet taking off. Holly smokes is that thing loud. I mean that from a lit it up in a close garage with all the door shut kind of way. Once the studio is open I don't think it will sounds so much like living in the muffler of a 67 chevey.

Signed and numbered all the pumpkins I had missed a couple or skipped a number here or there. Mini caught that real quick. "Hey where is pumpkin 39?".

That is it for now real work to do. I am going to call Mini and get her to post some pictures if her day is slow. If she does I will come comment on them.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oct. 9th - 5 day out - The List Maker.

Putting this up again because you can't see it unless you scroll down. Plus we are getting close!
Click above for full size!

Making lists is the only way that MiniMolli can keep me on track. It is not that I don't work it is that I will work on 20 different things and get them all 80% done. If I don't have a list I get most of the way done then think "hey I will come back to that it is pretty much done" then well you can figure out the rest. With a list I get to mark something off when it is done and I have no idea why that works for me but it gets me to finish it because I refuse to mark it off a list if it is not 100%.

Next post I will have some pictures of the shop. I am not so sure that Mini will let me show them. She might go take some more because I don't really take my time with pictures like she does. You will get 1/2 a bench with 1/2 of my index finger and maybe part of my right foot in the picture.

I did however finish up the wood seat on the bench and all that is left is the rail stops and the 1/2 hardwood rail cover. The cover is optional but would be a really cool touch. Going to get the gas for the glory on the way home today 2-40 pound tanks. Also need to do a bunch of touch up on the electrical and ...drum roll.....yard work.

Until later with the pictures.



Monday, October 8, 2007

Oct. 8th - 5 days out...missed a day.

Ok sorry I missed a day. This one is going to be light as well. I will try to add some pictures to these post soon but I am just to busy working.


Cutting and Welding Marver done! - Scott
Cutting and Welding Bench done! - Scott
Shelves Done! - Molli
Signs - Done! - Molli
Painting the garage - Done! - Huge Molli!
Moving all the equipment into place - Done! - Molli and Scott
Painting the Outside Work Bench - Done! - Molli
Clear the garage - Done! - Molli
Get Palets for Display - Done! - Scott

Ok I am sort a bunch of stuff but honestly I could go on for hours with this stuff. MiniMolli has done so much I might have to take her to Norway or something for vacation.

Things left to do before Sat:

Cut the wood for the bench seat.
Paint the bench.
Paint the marver.
Make displays for the pumpkins.
Run outdoor lighting.
Yard work...tons and ton of yard work.
Buy booze.
Yard work.
Kiss Molli.
Yard work.
Get with Mike Desorbo and get the food ordered.
Test fire the glory hole.
Test fire the furnace.
Test fire the color box.
Kiss Molli.
Do more yard work.
Kiss Molli.
Go to Ozones for Pizza.

I am sure I am missing a lot of things here I don't have the to do list in front of me. I am sure there is yard work on it to do.


168 pumpkins total - Done! - Scott, Kim, Tim, and Molli

I have counted them twice now...I would like to go on record as saying that my parents took one. So that is 169, and my friends have taken a 4 of them so that is 174 and one of them was liberated from the shop by someone with no soul at all. IE> Rogued. 175 was the end total everything from this point on is just "experimental". Back to the rogue, who steals a pumpkin?

So I have blew my goal of 120 out of the water.

I will start making only clear pumpkins Wed. night which will be the very last pumpkins I make this year. I am going to save the very last pumpkin that I make at the Belmont then take the very first pumpkin I make in my own shop and have a contest with them. One for the people that come to the grand opening and one for my online friends. Those that come and are online get two chances.

Ok that is it for today. I did not spell check this or read it so it may be really disjointed and horrible spelling. I will come back later and check it. Later guys.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Oct. 6th - 7 days out. One week and counting.


We counted the pumpkins last night and signed them all. MiniMolli actually just walked into the office where they are all on the floor and raised her hands up over her head and screamed "PUMPKINS!". As of right now we have 168 pumpkins total! Crazyness I tell you!


MiniMolli spent the day cleaning the shop, painting the shop, sweaping the shop, moving everything around in the shop, moving everything back around in the shop, and all around just making a bunch of progress in the shop. Me, I was up making pumpkins..surprise surprise. I did get and chance to figure out that welding is not something that happends overnight. I need a lot practice laying out a bead...or is is beed? Either way I think that I have the voltage turned down to low I will have to check into that tomorrow.

Progress is at hand my friends.


Friday, October 5, 2007

Oct. 5th - 8 days out - Time is a waste'n

This one is going to be real quick guys I have a truck load of stuff to do today.

First off I have been telling everyone what I am listening to for the week and it has become my Friday thing so without any more gilding of the lilly I give you:

The Bravery: The Sun and the Moon

Current favorite song is "Every word is a Knife In my Ear" and here are the sample lyrics.

Every word from your mouth is a knife in my ear
Every thought in your head is like poison to hear

You think he is hating on some girl? Just a guess...

Now the quick update:


Did nothing on it last night I was just way to tired. I got my drawings and such together and I am off to the Bell Steel to get angle iron and what not. Then off the the welding shop to get a 220 single phase Mig welder.


Have not picked them up yet but that is after the run around to get the supplies. This will be the single biggest pickup I have ever had so I am looking forward to seeing them all in one spot. 33 pumpkin pickup!

I will update as I go and try to get some action shots of the studio coming online. Well ok me working in the studio...ok MiniMolli working in the studio me drinking and sitting in the shade.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oct. 4th - 9 days out.

Took a bit of time off this today before noon to go by the Metal Fabrication shop to pick up my drop steel plate. 18 inches by 36 inchs for my first glass marver. Think of a metal table with 1/2 inch metal as the table top. We use this to shape and cool the glass as we are working it. I also picked up a 1 1/2 inch male to male treaded close for the burner.

Now that I have these two things I need to go purchase a nice welder and get to work on building the bench and the marver as well as a test burn for the glory hole. I figure that I should have the marver, the bench, and the everything test fired by Tuesday. If I don't there will be problems in Scott Land.

On the pumpkin front everything went pretty well last night we had time to just chill because we are more in the "hey lets see how these colors look" and "Lets make some strange shapes" mode. Made a couple gords but 2 of the shattered. Did a lot of orange with green stems, then switched into purples, yellows, and golds. This Sat. I will try and do some blue, green, and maybe stanger colors. Try some bar stock or something.

That is is for today, 9 days left...tick tick tick...



Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Where are the Gnomes when I need them. Oct. 3rd - 10 days out.

Well I know it has been a couple days and I am here to give you and update on the progress. We are inside of the 10 day count down. I plan to update the blog every day to give a running break down of what kind of crazyness I am dealing with. I am going to go ahead and leave out that I am working my day job and just focus on what I am doing at the studio.

Last night I made 16 pumpkins. I think that I only lost 3 of them which is pretty good. When I say lost I will let you guys in on a little secret. Glass never works out the first time, only works out the second time half the time and the third time only some of the time. Got that? I knew you guys would be with me. Short story is glass breaks..a lot!, it falls on the floor, it cools wrong, or any number of a hundered things go wrong and a pumpkin dies and early death.

I think the total number of pumpkins right now stands at just around 110 give or take 2 in either direction. We have not put them all out at one time yet but I am just itching to do that. I want to hold off on a "group photo" until I have my "upper goal" of total pumpkins. Ok so it was a dream to have 120 pumpkins for the party but it looks like short of and equipment fubar I will make that tonight. Everything after that is going to go toward funky pumpkins...IE> crazy colors or shapes.

I have completed the wall build on the far side of the garage maybe MiniMolli will put up a picture today if she reads this. We only have to get the shelves and the lights up to finish it. I put the glory hole and the furnace together into it's final stages last week as well. I am missing a part for the Glory Hole but I am looking for it at the local hardware shops. Should be test fired by the weekend. I am going to go buy a welder this Friday, lots of angle iron, some square pipping, and get to work on the bench and marver.

Cross your finders we are in the home stretch.


p.s. Suring agian as much as I can. Jellyfish still really hurt. It is true that you forget pain.