Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ok I am back boys and girls.

Sorry that I did not make any inspired posts about Seattle I was way to busy out on the town. So much to see so little time. If I had to bottle Seattle up and give you the cliff notes version it would be as follows:

Seattle is to the layman's eye something like the mirror image of a other cities. I say this because it has a very "east feel" to it. It has that NYC or Boston feel without the gutter funk. It has more room to take a breath and to relax. I told someone just today Seattle is like NYC if you took away all the gime, all the hurry, and replaced it with more art and a recycle bin.

If NYC was a person they would be the CEO of a company that is perpetually late for a meeting all the time...go.go.go.go. Seattle would be the guy that sold the company to the CEO in NYC and is sitting down to drink his morning Startbucks out of a recycled cup. Seattle has it's own drummer, but is marching to the same beat. You can feel the energy just below the surface. Just idling...you can feel it.. it is a low hum that kind of vibrates the city. Where in NYC it is blasting from the horns of every car, every person, every nook and cranny.

Where NYC is loud, Seattle is bright. Where NYC is fast, Seattle is quick. Where NYC is expensive, Seattle is pricey. See everything is just a little off plumb. Not enough to say they are the same beast, but enough to say they spawned from the same DNA at some time in the past.

Seattle felt a little more like home to me. I don't know how else to really say it other than that. Pensacola is so far removed from Seattle that they would more likely be different countries. I say that it felt more like home because I felt more at home there. I could see myself living in Seattle and really enjoying it. Maybe one day I will have to give that a try.

Oh, yea and lots of glass.



The Phosgene Kid said...

I love Seattle. Where else can you lob pennies off the top of the space needle??

angel said...

wonderful stuff, your travel posts are so interesting!