Thursday, September 27, 2007

The 1st Annual Pensacola Pumpkin Party

Well it looks like I am going to get this thing done just in the nick of time. I have the glory hole in the garabe, the furnace is ready, and all I need to do now is get the bench and marver built and I am good to go! If you are in Pensacola and can swing on by we are going to have drinks and food with live glass blowing in my new shop. I am a bit stressed about all this and to be honest it has been nothing but and uphill battle to get this done. Alas, if everything was easy everyone would do it. I just want to work in my backyard so bad at this point I can taste it.

MiniMolli made these invites up and sent out about 100 of them over the last week. I think she did an amazing job, I just hope that I have enough pumpkins for the party. I am currently sitting at 80 pumpkins as of last night. I am shooting for 120 for the party. I hope I run out but I also hope that everyone that wants a pumpkin gets one. I guess I should think about having an order form or something. Maybe I am just to optimistic about how many people are going to show up and that everyone will want a pumpkin. Anyway wish me luck, grand opening and pumpkin party with beer and food. How can you honestly go wrong?


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ok I am back boys and girls.

Sorry that I did not make any inspired posts about Seattle I was way to busy out on the town. So much to see so little time. If I had to bottle Seattle up and give you the cliff notes version it would be as follows:

Seattle is to the layman's eye something like the mirror image of a other cities. I say this because it has a very "east feel" to it. It has that NYC or Boston feel without the gutter funk. It has more room to take a breath and to relax. I told someone just today Seattle is like NYC if you took away all the gime, all the hurry, and replaced it with more art and a recycle bin.

If NYC was a person they would be the CEO of a company that is perpetually late for a meeting all the time...go.go.go.go. Seattle would be the guy that sold the company to the CEO in NYC and is sitting down to drink his morning Startbucks out of a recycled cup. Seattle has it's own drummer, but is marching to the same beat. You can feel the energy just below the surface. Just can feel it.. it is a low hum that kind of vibrates the city. Where in NYC it is blasting from the horns of every car, every person, every nook and cranny.

Where NYC is loud, Seattle is bright. Where NYC is fast, Seattle is quick. Where NYC is expensive, Seattle is pricey. See everything is just a little off plumb. Not enough to say they are the same beast, but enough to say they spawned from the same DNA at some time in the past.

Seattle felt a little more like home to me. I don't know how else to really say it other than that. Pensacola is so far removed from Seattle that they would more likely be different countries. I say that it felt more like home because I felt more at home there. I could see myself living in Seattle and really enjoying it. Maybe one day I will have to give that a try.

Oh, yea and lots of glass.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Flight out.

Getting on a plane is not one of my "Hey that sounds like a bunch of fun" moments. Let me make this clear, I am not scared to fly in fact I kind of like the act itself. What really chaps me is everyone else I have to deal with. The exotic dancer with a bad case of the burbles. The two kids that are sitting next to me that have been given enough sugar to kill a rhino. The lady that has a bladder the size of a tennis ball but is drinking out of what I can only describes as a 2 gallon bucket of coffee. I always get an isle seat…always. What this means is I got to see this woman’s coach, in coach, as her coach bag whacked me in the head for the whole trip to Atlanta. She would talk about pretty much anything. Honestly this woman would not let me get a word in and let me tell you that is saying something cause I can talk with the best of them.

After getting off the flight to Atlanta I figured that I had made it over the hump. Beat the system. It was all down hill from here you might say. Wronger words have never been spoken. As I am working my way down the belly of the beast that is going to trap me for the next 5 1/2 hours I see what I will from this moment forward to referred to as “The 26th row of hell”. You see my friends karma is a very angry cop with a new tazer and he treating me like he would a drunken frat boy with a surly attitude. His version of payback is now displayed before me as the cutest little kids in the 26th row, two of them, in 26a and 26b, and you just know I am 26c. Tense is the word that comes to mind when I see this. It is not that I don’t get along with kids, I do…honestly I am just a huge kid so we relate on many levels. Pokemon…I got you dog, bust out bulbasaur on that guy. See I am worldly. The problem is I have trouble sitting still for hours on end can you even start to fathom being 4 or 6 years of age and sitting still for more than 5 hours. Neither can they and they only lasted about 5 minutes after the plane left the ground. They climbed over me, kicked the seats, kicked each other, kicked me, made farting sounds, made farting sounds to see who was loudest…longest...and I quote here “Most Dad like”. At some point this turned ugly and the real ammo came out to win the game. I will leave this with the parents speaking in some garbled speech pattern I could not even pick up on. I would like to mention that they where across the isle and found no need to switch with me. They where on a little mini vacation and I was the gimp that got to handle the hellions! At about the 4 hour mark they ran out of steam and the older one fell to sleep on my left arm. This was a welcome relief until he started to drool.

I am going to need a vacation after this trip.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Photo Caption Time!

MiniMolli and I had a the pleasure of going to a great party this last weekend before I left for Seattle. Here is my favorite picture from the night if for nothing else you just wonder "What the hell is she looking at?

So lets caption either a. what is going on here, or b. What is she saying?

I will start off and I will go with b.



Sunday, September 16, 2007

Seattle - Intro

Ok guys so I am in Seattle this week and part of next week. 56f up here and I got off the plane with flip flops on. This place really is a different world. Kind of has a north east feel to it only because that is all that I can think of that would be worth of standing it up against.

So sorry to say there will not be any posts about my shop but, and this is a huge but, there is going to be a fare amout the trip. I could write a whole post on my flight out here....seriously.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Music Selection: ALO

ALO - I am listening to this today...all day!

My Pick Today:
Song: Barbeque
Album: Fly Between Falls

My Pick from Yesterday:
Song: Lady Loop
Album: Roses & Clover

Kim's Pick from glass on Wed. Night:
Song: Girl, I Wanna
Album: Fly Between Falls

umm ummmummmm yea
I come over early in the morning
I am like a heat wave without warning
and when I touch you my heart begins to flutter because your smooth and creamy like peanut butter.

Honestly can you go wrong with lyrics like that?! You want more?

So turn out the lights, bring out the candles, wrap your arms around my love handles.

COME ON! that is musical gold.



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shop update.

Ok so I spent about 5 hours on the shop last night. I built a new shelf for the shed, cleaned out 3 truckloads of crap, and realized that I am a lumber packrat. I have wood from every project that I have ever started, finished, or thought about. Here is a picture of a newly shorn garage wall where the glass display is going to be. Right there, by the surfboards....

Below is the annealer and the glass furnace. I told you guys they where small. Believe it or not the one of the right hand side is my furnace and it will hold 80 pounds of molton glass. The one on the left is the smaller of two annealers that I will have running once the whole shop is 100%. Right now I am at about 60% with the last piece being the Glory Hole (Reheat Furnace) and it is being built now. Actually I need to build the benches and the Marver as well and then I will be close to done.

Here are the two pop out walls from the inside. As you can see the electrical is not done but we are getting there. That will all be cleaned up before the opening. There two pop out will let the whole place feel open. You can also see my nice collection of blow pipes stacked up in the corner.
Now a quick pumpkin preview. As you can tell I took this picture and do you want to know how you can tell. It is out of focus...Minimolli will cringe when she sees this picture. She might even go so far as to replace it. Anyway PUMPKINS!

EDIT: Oy, yes - you betcha I replaced that photo, crazy man... My apologies for those exposed to the previous photo. - Mini



Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Someone today asked "Hey, Scott where were you on 9-11?"

Instead of telling them I showed them. I took this picture on 9/11. In anouther you can see MiniMolli in the forground on her blog. I just don't have words. There are more pictures on her blog, she does a better job of expressing the feeling about that day than I do.



Monday, September 10, 2007

Big trouble in little Pensacola.

You guys ever have one of those days that just starts off wrong and just keeps getting more wrong? Then the only way out is just to sit back and laugh at the wrongness? Laugh your giddy little head off as you spiral down the wall of the cliff landing on your face in the 9th ring of hell.

Yep that is how it goes for me on Sat.

First I screw up and heat up someone else’s work in the annealer. This causes an 8 hour delay to our blow slot on Sat.

Then once that is all good and done the annealer decides that it wants to just turn itself on and off at will. Shattering stuff as it goes.

Then once it is all worked does it again just to make sure everything is good and hosed.

After all the drama at the shop I slip in the shower and wack the farfigNugen out of my shin. It honestly looked like someone stuck a racquetball under the first 5 layers of skin and kicked it with a steal toed boot for a week. Did I mention that it hurt, that I slipped on the way down and converted my showerhead into "That thing that skitters across the floor laying waste to everything it can soak as you hobble around naked cussing and chasing it across the floor". So there I am naked, soaked, with a hosed down bathroom, hopping on one foot as I look down to find out our cat has pissed on the rug I am standing on...with one good foot...naked....angry..wet...soiled toes.

I will make the rest of the story shot...choked on some pizza, spilled my beer, lost my flip flop...only one, stubbed my toe on a parking brick, then opened the door on the top of my lame foot at Ozone’s Pizza.

I actually wanted to let Mini in on all this but hey for her this is everyday stuff with me. She might even say "Hey light night".

Speaking of that maybe she will put up a couple of new pumpkin pictures...hint hint...wink wink.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Furnace on the way.

Got the call furnace is 15 minutes from the house.

Packages are away. IN the POST...look for the winners. Ok, all but the South Africa one but I am going some research on how to get this to you. No worries.

Ok have to go unload the new toy.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to work.

Ok anouther 18 pumpkins done. Mini is taking pictures of them now.

Sorry for the lack of posts work is on fire right now so I am behind the 8-ball.

Be back soon.