Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pumpkin photos

Ok MiniMolli took some pictures of the pumpkins today. This first one is this realy strange german brown color that Mini got me last year. I have bars of it and it has a really neat look. I am going to have to use it more but I really dig the steam on this one. It is the smallest one of the pumpkins that where made last wed. night and the first of the "Pumpkin Party" batch. This little guy is about 3 by 3 inches.

This one is made a bit larger and has a very very dark purple steam. As you can tell the ribs are quite a bit different. Some people love what I call the "City Pumpkin" which is the one above. Some people love what I call the "Country Pumpkin" which is below. It also has ivory spots on it which gives it more of a realistic look.
This is a good color combo that does well because it goes with just about everything. Amber over ivory with a black stem. These go fast. It is about 4 by 5 inches.
Here we have one that is amber with reduced ivory on the outside and a Black stem. The only reason it has a little purple look to it is the all white background and lighting. This one will go quick as well. People love the ivory spots.
The new guy. This was the first pumpkin that I used a transparent green on. I really kind of like it. Jet black stem and it is the largest one so far coming in at about 5x6.5 inches. I am not sure if I will be able to keep this one around long enough to make it to the party. Everyone that sees it tries to get it. I am really trying not to start selling them before the party....then no one would come!

Some friends want me to put them for sale online and I will that is just going to have to wait until after the pumpkin party. Alas, I do plan to put stuff up for sale and we are looking into exactly how we are going to do that. We just have much more pressing matters to attend to at this point. Like getting the shop open. Making a couple hundred pumpkins, and get the electrical done....I am not forgeting to ship the stuff out for the winners. It is packed and ready to ship I have just not made my way back to the post office to ship them off.

Keep tuned for more Pumpkins pics.




snowelf said...

Hey Scott

I love both the second one and the green one!

I'm very excited about you guys thinking about having an on line store, too. No hurry. We'll wait. :)


The Phosgene Kid said...

Fantastic!! The one looked as though there was fire inside.

Dropping those off the overpass would be a lot more devastating than dropping the real ones... Not that I ever did anything like that.

Amanda said...

I like number one and three. Can't wait for a chance to buy some of your work.

angel said...

oh wow- i don't think i've ever seen glass vegetables, but i just adore these pumpkins!!! especially the "city" pumpkin and the green one!
i would love to buy one of your pieces if i can ever afford anything that goes for sale online!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Don't bother making any glass zucchinis, I have a truckload of those already. Plant one and they take over the garden.

Jewels said...

I am mostly digging that green one! Wow! that would match my eyes! ;)

The Phosgene Kid said...

The red one would match my eyes - didn't get much sleep last night...

jin said...

OH! Gnat!
They are GORGEOUS!!!!!
Amazing even....