Thursday, August 23, 2007

NYC part #2.

Am I sitting here in the hotel room on Broadway and 45th or 46th, I honestly don't remember but if you look out my window you can see a monsterous montior about the size of my house with NASDAQ on it. I am "in the heart of it" you might say. The room flickers at night to the thump of the city, like a hundred lightning bolts that never stop and thousands of sounds fighting for the right to be heard. 5am came early this morning but when your head hits the pillow at 8pm your body wakes you up before the alarm. It feels good to have not gone out last night for a beer picking instead to unwind my brain with sleep instead of an adult beverage.

Waking up at 5am in NYC is something I think everyone should do at least once in your life. It is very surreal. Walking out onto boardway at 5am is like stepping into a dream and I found myself in that walking dream. As I birthed myself onto the city I was at the nexus of some kind of strange crossroads. Where my dreams had found a way to wiggle themselves free of my mind and into the waking world. There I was on Broadway, in the most busy city in the world, all the lights blasting away, steam easing though the manhole cover at my feet, and the rancid waft of last nights cast offs assulting my sences. The waking had dream started and time stood still. There where no people. No one was on the street, no one was working in the stores, no one was driving cars.....I was the only person I could see in any direction. I stammered for a second as my mind worked to figure out what was going on, where I was. Was I sleeping, is this is a dream? Is some crazed phsycopathic person going to jump out of the construction down the street and case me as I run for my life in slow motion? I stand there in awe as the monitor billboards change from image to image. Lucky brand jeans, BCBG, GMC, Good Morning America lighting up my surroundings with the glow from millions of tiny little lights. Time seems to be standing still, but the boards are switching, the steam is rising, the clouds are moving. Then like the starting gate at the Kentucky Deby everything breaks loose with the piercing blast of a cabi's horn. BLLLAAAAAAAAA!!! It is the feeling you get when you fall in your dream and sit bolt upright in your bed sure you have fallen from the highest point on earth only slam back into your matress. Someone bumps into me from behind even though there must be 20 feet of free space on either side of me. Fumbling with her ipod she did not see me and did not offer more than a quizical look that said "sorry and whatever" in the same facial expersion. As I turn back to look around eveything is as it should have been. The city is alive, I am not alone, and this was not a dream.

3 seconds of a dream at some kind of freakish black hole in time....Walking down the street I reach the corner of 45th and Broadway just as cab pulls up. Out pops a clown and sees me staring at him. He pays the cab, dances a little jig, drops to his knee throwing out his right hand and screams "TADA!" as if his taking a cab is a show worthy act. NYC man, now I don't know if it is a dream again or not.



MiniMolli said...

Wow, that really sounds surreal. Hope you took a picture!!

snowelf said...

"As I birthed myself onto the city I was at the nexus of some kind of strange crossroads."

Okay, first that was an awesome line.
And I know writing! :)

But wow..what a strange dream.


Anonymous said...

Raygo and I got up at 4:30 one Monday morning so I could get to the airport on-time for my flight home. Our hotel, faced ground zero and the view from our hotel that early in the morning was strange. Almost like time stood still.

angel said...

brilliant! this was such a cool post- now i really wanna go to ny!