Friday, August 10, 2007

I am turning into the PUMPKIN KING!

This wed. night I started on the pumpkins for the "Pumpkin Party". I will post some pictures this weekend. All of them had black stems and all kinds of different colors. I found two colors that look good alone and will be making some more of them. Iris Orange, and some crazy brown color that turns purplish...not sure that is a word.

Anyway, I am in full on pumpkin mode. I need to make a coulpe of tools to be able to make "BIG GIGANTIC PUMPKINS" as the tools I am suing now only allow up to about a 5 inch round pumpkin before I start to loose all my detail.

The Studio it cooking along and I get the estimates on the electrical work tomorrow. I plan to build the doors for my openings this weekend. MiniMolli will be very very happy when that is done.

Once I get the electric done, I will buy a new welder for the 220 plugs. Build the annealer and the glory hole (reheating furnace) shortly after that. Then if my glass melting furnace ever makes it I will be very close.

Ok until the pictures make it. I am off to get and adult beverage at Intermissions should be in the good stuff, locked and loaded behind the Bowling machine in t-minus 60minutes and counting.... Come on down.


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The Phosgene Kid said...

Rather a pumpkin king than a pumpkin head, eh? Have fun at the bar, but remember drinking a molten glass don't mix and friends don't let friends drink and blow, so to speak!!