Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Since Scott is out of town this week keeping busy and has limited internet access I thought I would post some photos from gallery night a few weekends ago. If you came out to see it you'll know that the photos don't do the installation justice. It was quite stunning when you walked in. If you did make it into Studio B - thanks for coming! We still have some peices on display in the shop so feel free to stop in and take a look. Hope you all enjoy the photos. I would suggest clicking each photo for a larger version.

click photos for larger versions


snowelf said...

Oooh...Molli!! I am so in love with the hanging gorgeous!! I may have to order some after I start working, cause I absolutely love that look!


jin said...

The shells nestled in the bowl of sand look absolutely awesome!!!

EXSENO said...

I like it all. I want that shop to I'd turn it into a home. I live in a stinken trailer.

Gnat of Glass said...

Wow --- Mini you rock.

I just did not think anyting I was doing here would be all that great blog fodder.

Once I get back in town Mini and I will have to have a meeting of the minds to figure out how to get the online store up. I think that will involve me finding a way to make it worth her while, something like if she is working on the online store I am cleaning the house or some other crazy ass thing like that.

I have not forgot about the prizes, I just had a minor problem with shipping then out of town. I will take care of it when I get back guys. Sorry for the delay.



caramaena said...

Oh my - lovely, just lovely.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Fantastic pictures, thanks for posting. I really love the intricacy of the glass shells.

Drama Queen said...

Love the glass hanging from threads. . .lovely.

angel said...

that is incredible- i would have loved to see it!

Glass Virtuoso said...

Those hanging pieces rock. The arrange really works.