Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Contest Winners rejoice!

Finally! At lunch today I am going to try to send these prizes from the contest out again. The last time I had problems with shipping to South Africa, then the second time they would not send to Canada because they could not confirm the address. The silly part of that is I have sent Jewels stuff before and I know they did not give me any beef about this. The real reason they have not gone out is I have been very busy, out of town, preparing to go out of town, or just did not have what it took to walk my lazy ass down to the post office and try again.

Fear not winners, you are at the #1. spot of my todo list...ok #2 this post was number one...Ok I lied Starbucks was #1...nevermind your on the list!

Either way, if I have trouble today, I will just send what I can and work on the offending package.

On the shop front I am a bit nervous. My furnace supplier is not taking calls right now and the voice mail is full to the brim and I can't leave a message. My furnace is not here and it is making me crazy. Mostly because I have already paid for it and even more important I am running out of time for the shop. I hope they spring back to life today and answer the phone so I can get the tracking number. If that happens I can peel off a little bit of the stress that has started build up on me the last couple of days.

I got a bunch of people telling me they really liked the New York posts because it was out of my normal writing style. To be honest it was easy to write those while in NYC because I had something to write about. I got to tell a story and I really enjoy doing that. When I talk about glass and the shop I feel like I am just reporting facts. Which is not that bad it just does not really give me a creative way to have fun with my posts. I will try to sprinkle in a couple of the story posts now and then if you guys can handle some "not about glass" stuff.



Saturday, August 25, 2007

Overhead in NYC - Part#3

I was making my way to my appointment this moring taking my normal rat maze path to the Empire State Building really hoping the cheese would not be hard to find today. Get my last legal stimulate at the biggest drug pusher on the face of the planet and a round piece of bread that is basically just and installment plan for putting my doctors kids though college. South on Broadway I am like that guy on the Discovery Channel that gets dropped in the wild with nothing but a knife and ball of twine. Force to survive in harsh conditions, find basic living supplies, and a way home. Just reverse everything and make it a slightly overweight guy from the south, a good sence of direction with a ball of money, a laptop, and 1/2 pack of beef jerky.

Now I have made this trip every morning for the last 5 days, 9 blocks south, 3 blocks west, 2 block south. I will spare you the fact that I got a cab this morning and he turned down Ave. of the America's the wrong way...That was classic to here a guy go complete bat shit crazy in swahili. I am pretty sure he may of juiced his own ride. The reason for this was that the whole north side of the Empire State building was blocked off for 2 blocks... Once I get out of the cab a block away so we don't make a 6 dollar u-turn of 3 right hand turns around the block I am starting to looking at the affair. Police tape, cops, no one inside the blockade sans a lonely single turck with no outside markings. I notice two police women, one was rather fetching which is just a bonus and odd at the same time, talking to two Japanese tourists. Asking directions to this and that as I waited to ask what was going on. Movie shot at EPSB? Someone Jump? Killer bees? Just as they finished up and I was about to ask the million dollar question the Japanese guy says "Whattah happen?" and points down the street that is blocked off. Police woman "Manhole explosion". Japanese woman "I hope he is ok!".

Nice start to the morning I am still laughing...


Thursday, August 23, 2007

NYC part #2.

Am I sitting here in the hotel room on Broadway and 45th or 46th, I honestly don't remember but if you look out my window you can see a monsterous montior about the size of my house with NASDAQ on it. I am "in the heart of it" you might say. The room flickers at night to the thump of the city, like a hundred lightning bolts that never stop and thousands of sounds fighting for the right to be heard. 5am came early this morning but when your head hits the pillow at 8pm your body wakes you up before the alarm. It feels good to have not gone out last night for a beer picking instead to unwind my brain with sleep instead of an adult beverage.

Waking up at 5am in NYC is something I think everyone should do at least once in your life. It is very surreal. Walking out onto boardway at 5am is like stepping into a dream and I found myself in that walking dream. As I birthed myself onto the city I was at the nexus of some kind of strange crossroads. Where my dreams had found a way to wiggle themselves free of my mind and into the waking world. There I was on Broadway, in the most busy city in the world, all the lights blasting away, steam easing though the manhole cover at my feet, and the rancid waft of last nights cast offs assulting my sences. The waking had dream started and time stood still. There where no people. No one was on the street, no one was working in the stores, no one was driving cars.....I was the only person I could see in any direction. I stammered for a second as my mind worked to figure out what was going on, where I was. Was I sleeping, is this is a dream? Is some crazed phsycopathic person going to jump out of the construction down the street and case me as I run for my life in slow motion? I stand there in awe as the monitor billboards change from image to image. Lucky brand jeans, BCBG, GMC, Good Morning America lighting up my surroundings with the glow from millions of tiny little lights. Time seems to be standing still, but the boards are switching, the steam is rising, the clouds are moving. Then like the starting gate at the Kentucky Deby everything breaks loose with the piercing blast of a cabi's horn. BLLLAAAAAAAAA!!! It is the feeling you get when you fall in your dream and sit bolt upright in your bed sure you have fallen from the highest point on earth only slam back into your matress. Someone bumps into me from behind even though there must be 20 feet of free space on either side of me. Fumbling with her ipod she did not see me and did not offer more than a quizical look that said "sorry and whatever" in the same facial expersion. As I turn back to look around eveything is as it should have been. The city is alive, I am not alone, and this was not a dream.

3 seconds of a dream at some kind of freakish black hole in time....Walking down the street I reach the corner of 45th and Broadway just as cab pulls up. Out pops a clown and sees me staring at him. He pays the cab, dances a little jig, drops to his knee throwing out his right hand and screams "TADA!" as if his taking a cab is a show worthy act. NYC man, now I don't know if it is a dream again or not.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

State of Mind

Well there I was walking down Broadway in NYC listening to the most laid back music on earth, Donavon Frankenreiter watching thousands of people bussle about doing all manner of crazy stuff. "If it don't matter" blasting away in my ears like a personal anthem of my current state of mind. I don't think I have ever felt more centered in a very long time, as if something in the universe suddenly opened up and let me know "Hey man, you might have done something right". Here I was looking up at the huge billboards in time square with everything that is NYC surronding me like a thick fog. Cabbies blasting horns, people with a mission, dogs craping on cement, venders hawking the latest cracked DVDs and the smells of the city. Hog dogs, and pizza, gutter funk, and exhust that just seems to melt together to form a scent only a city can make. How foreign but yet so resident in my mind from living here that I felt of a ghost of my former life. I don't miss it but in it's own way it is a part of me that only comes alive here in the city. There is just something strange about New York, being here sets that little demon free.

I missed my wife and the song echoing in my head has very deep roots with us. Everything I do here is just missing that little bit, that something special that you only get when your best friend is with you to share. I actually found myself searching the crowd for her today before I realized she was not with me. I missed my family, and living in NYC years back I did not have the pleasure of seeing them day to day. 2000 miles will carve a chasm that phone lines don't seem to be able to bridge enough to feel like home. Home will never be New York, I don't think it ever was. It was just a neat place to hang my hat while I figured out my home is where my family, friends, and most of all my wife are. I miss you guys....but first I am going to 23rd and 3rd to get a cheese burger at Molly's....Ironic.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pumpkin photos

Ok MiniMolli took some pictures of the pumpkins today. This first one is this realy strange german brown color that Mini got me last year. I have bars of it and it has a really neat look. I am going to have to use it more but I really dig the steam on this one. It is the smallest one of the pumpkins that where made last wed. night and the first of the "Pumpkin Party" batch. This little guy is about 3 by 3 inches.

This one is made a bit larger and has a very very dark purple steam. As you can tell the ribs are quite a bit different. Some people love what I call the "City Pumpkin" which is the one above. Some people love what I call the "Country Pumpkin" which is below. It also has ivory spots on it which gives it more of a realistic look.
This is a good color combo that does well because it goes with just about everything. Amber over ivory with a black stem. These go fast. It is about 4 by 5 inches.
Here we have one that is amber with reduced ivory on the outside and a Black stem. The only reason it has a little purple look to it is the all white background and lighting. This one will go quick as well. People love the ivory spots.
The new guy. This was the first pumpkin that I used a transparent green on. I really kind of like it. Jet black stem and it is the largest one so far coming in at about 5x6.5 inches. I am not sure if I will be able to keep this one around long enough to make it to the party. Everyone that sees it tries to get it. I am really trying not to start selling them before the party....then no one would come!

Some friends want me to put them for sale online and I will that is just going to have to wait until after the pumpkin party. Alas, I do plan to put stuff up for sale and we are looking into exactly how we are going to do that. We just have much more pressing matters to attend to at this point. Like getting the shop open. Making a couple hundred pumpkins, and get the electrical done....I am not forgeting to ship the stuff out for the winners. It is packed and ready to ship I have just not made my way back to the post office to ship them off.

Keep tuned for more Pumpkins pics.



Friday, August 10, 2007

I am turning into the PUMPKIN KING!

This wed. night I started on the pumpkins for the "Pumpkin Party". I will post some pictures this weekend. All of them had black stems and all kinds of different colors. I found two colors that look good alone and will be making some more of them. Iris Orange, and some crazy brown color that turns purplish...not sure that is a word.

Anyway, I am in full on pumpkin mode. I need to make a coulpe of tools to be able to make "BIG GIGANTIC PUMPKINS" as the tools I am suing now only allow up to about a 5 inch round pumpkin before I start to loose all my detail.

The Studio it cooking along and I get the estimates on the electrical work tomorrow. I plan to build the doors for my openings this weekend. MiniMolli will be very very happy when that is done.

Once I get the electric done, I will buy a new welder for the 220 plugs. Build the annealer and the glory hole (reheating furnace) shortly after that. Then if my glass melting furnace ever makes it I will be very close.

Ok until the pictures make it. I am off to get and adult beverage at Intermissions should be in the good stuff, locked and loaded behind the Bowling machine in t-minus 60minutes and counting.... Come on down.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Is it me or is it hot outside?


Monday, August 6, 2007

Bump and Run.

Just dropping in to let you guys know I got back from Austin in one piece. I will be working on Wed. if anyone wants to drop by. I am kicking the backyard shop into high gear and if everything goes well getting the electric done very soon. After that it will be all downhill. I will try and take some pictures of the work on the shop tonight as well.

Sorry for the short post but being gone for a week+ does not leave much room when you get back to work for chit chat.



Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Since Scott is out of town this week keeping busy and has limited internet access I thought I would post some photos from gallery night a few weekends ago. If you came out to see it you'll know that the photos don't do the installation justice. It was quite stunning when you walked in. If you did make it into Studio B - thanks for coming! We still have some peices on display in the shop so feel free to stop in and take a look. Hope you all enjoy the photos. I would suggest clicking each photo for a larger version.

click photos for larger versions