Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shop Talk

Ok the studio is in full swing in case you have been under a rock and not heard me talking about it. To give you a little update I have knocked out a very large chunk of the west side of my garage. The plan is to build up a span where the wall was and make it about a 72 inch open space under the pergola.

So I took a big step the other day and started knocking the ever loving snot out of my garage wall. Thinking that it was going to be a full day to get it all busted up. Much to my surprise it only took me about 2 hours to take it all apart, due to about 2 million little helpers. That is right folks...termites. The good news is they only took a taster bite years ago and did not stay for the full meal. The corner of my garage shattered like packing foam as I whaled away at it. This turned my medium sized project into a large project. I had to take out the whole corner and rebuild it which proved to be a littler bit harder than I once thought, but now I am schooled in the ways of the wood. That sounded dirty.

Anyway, so I rebuilt the corner and learned a bit about a sagging frame. Again, that sounded dirty. Leverage is a wonderful thing and I got the frame righted and built the way I needed it. Something that I did not foresee was problems finding the siding that I would need. Seeing how this garage was built roughly around the year of 1936 it has been a daunting task finding the right replacement. Then I found it at Building Supply Center and if you need routed or t&g planks this is the place, just get there before 4:30pm or NO WOOD FOR YOU!

So this afternoon I will frame up the outside for the planks and seal up the garage. MiniMolli will not have to look at my blue tarp any longer. I think she started to have blue roof hurricane flashbacks.


RIch said...

I'm sure you have good reason to bust up your garage Scott, I'm just not sure what that reason is... surely not so you can put up a post mentioning 'WOOD' a lot?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Glad you finally got wood. Remind me to take the dog in tonight... Just kidding!!

Might want to get an exterminator to come out and treat the area around the garage for termites. We have those out here so we keep a careful eye on things.

Did you see Plum's pitchers?? They look great!

Gnat of Glass said...


I had the house termite bonded after we purchased it. The termite damage was before we owned it.


I am building a shop and needed the opening. Plus I got to say wood...more than once.


angel said...

wow- very impressive!
hey there scott, sorry i'm so painfully slow replying... you asked for an address for me? do you want my snail-mail addy? way cool- am i getting a prize?!!?
would you mail me with your email address so i can send it to you... you can mail me here:

snowelf said...

We got really lucky when we bought our house because it had already been treated for termites. Whew! :) It looks like such a tropical paradise from the pics! It must be nice with all those plants!


caramaena said...

Ugh termites! We found them in a side fence a few years back and had the whole house treated. Then about six months ago we found them in the shed out the back. Tenacious little buggers...

Gnat of Glass said...


No worries on the contest stuff I have it now. I will get them all out this weekend. I think I said that last weekend....


Yea I am a plant man. My wife is going crazy because I bring them home all the time from everywhere. Currently I am really digging all my tree bamboo. We have combs of bamboo as wide as a soda can.


Hate'm, we just had the pest guys back out to check everything to keep our bond for termites. We got and all clear. Sometimes I think I am going to wake up to find the whole house gone and just the bed and all the electronics we own left.

Jewels said...

MMMMMMMMM.... Wood.......... ;)

Can't wait to see it all finished and stocked up!
Hey! Um, about my 'package'... U never responded to my very important questions... Did my message get delivered to your bulk folder or something? :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Good call. Hows the shop coming along???

But Why? said...


What a lovely blog you have here - visually stunning (I love that tortoise shell effect) and nice writing. Do you mind if I come back to visit now and again?