Monday, July 16, 2007

Shop Talk Part#2

This weekend was going to be "the weekend" to finish the outside of the shop. I took Friday off, I had all my supplies, I had the tools, I was ready.

Little did I know that Friday the 13th had other plans for me. I will make it short and say I injured myself...more than once. My truck repairs, turned into spending way to much to fix a problem that did not get fixed. I got dehydrated, then started to have a couple cocktails....this my friends is not a good idea.

MiniMolli has the camera at the house so I will post this and hope that she see it and adds the new pictures that she took showing the progress.

Also, the prizes are not sent yet. I had a little problem at the post office with them going out of the US I was not prepared to deal with. I will have them out shortly.




Sloth said...

Better get your list ready due to me coming into town. I am ready to build and get that shop done and over with!!!! So get a list and get the materials I am going to build that shop if I got cut the tree myself and make wood for it. Oh got your color and some other colors I think you will like. See you Friday!!!

Little Brother

Damsel Underdressed said...

Don't you just HATE that whole dehydration problem?