Monday, July 9, 2007

Scott & MiniMolli Simpson

If I was in the new simpsons movie this would be me, 15 pounds lighter of course. Brillant marketing ploy I might add. Now the MiniMolli, I think I did a better job on Molli than myself!
Ok prize winners I need those mailing addresses. So far I have Jewels and Rich. Missing Jin and Angel! I may have lost them so I need them again.


jintrinsique said...

Hmmm...I sent it again last night.

I shall go and look where I sent it to.



The Phosgene Kid said...

Got the "Woody Woodpecker" hairdo going there, eh??

snowelf said...

LOL!! Phosgene!

You both look adorable "Simpsonized", Scott! :)


angel said...

fun toy... do you have an email addy i can use to send you mine... or have i missed the link on your page somewhere?

Leila said...

Well said.