Friday, July 27, 2007

Ok here we go.

Tag! You're It! Rules: I am changing the rules seeing how I only want to play half way.

1. Let others know who tagged you.
Ok this one I will leave alone. Damsel Under Stress is responsible for this and will have to live with the fall out.

2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
See below for the "random things"

3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
Fine, that is simple enough but I am changing the rules.

4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.
I am not going to do this 8 other people part. Most of the people tagged by DUS, are who I would pick anyway. I would be interested in one other she did not tag. MiniMolli and I would like to channel all my 8 into a ball of blog energy laser beam focused on her. She is a bit stubborn so I will have to pester her a bit. Should prove to be interesting.

So 8 random facts about me that are interesting enough to hold someone elses attention besides my own......This is going to be tuff, I don't have non-random facts about me that are that interesting.

#1. When I was a wee little pissant my parents put the house up for sale. When the nice man came to sign the documents I met him at the door and proclaimed "My dad said if he saw you coming he would have raised the price!" This was a low point in my salesman ship skills but it is all downhill now.

#2. In college I took 23 hours in one semester to complete my degree. I pretty sure if I had cut myself Starbucks would have flown freely from my open wound during the last week. After finishing my last exam, I was called to help a friend. At which point I think I was just not of sound mind and body and said yes. I had not slept for about 3 days more than 2 hours and was shaking like a crack monkey but I was in! I was done! Couple more hours will not hurt me. That was the last thing I remember thinking as I passed out in the hall of the University of West Florida. Woke up to the school nurse hanging over me, with my feet on a trash can, and her asking me the last time I had and I quote " Taken the time to eat some vittles". I said last night, she said what day was that, I said Wed, she said it was Friday, and walked to the dorm room of a friend and woke up on Sunday. I passed'm all that was my sawn song out of college.

#3. I once told 750 kids during a speech about beach safety to watch out for Jellyfish because they will sneak up on you and wrap their testicals around you. Yea that went over well with the parents, the kids, and the youth minister...Tentacles...tentacles!!!....I think they might have prayed for me that night.

#4. I have a really strange ability to remember anything that I see in a movie or TV. It is scary at times actually the amount of information I have in my nug that is from a movie or TV. My buddy Jason once asked as I blurted out some obscure fact "did you get that from a movie?" and I said "yes actually I got it from Ghostbusters". Friends call me SMDB(Scott Movie Database).

#5. I am completely and hopelessly addicted to Diet Coke. I drink more Diet Coke than a family of 4, on vacation, in the Sahara Desert, without water, in the summer, while on fire.

#6. I am in a movie as an extra. I would tell you but what fun would that be. I will give you a hint, it was filmed in NYC and has a Happy guy, a Hog rider, and a girl that says "Yea you blend" in it. MiniMolli is in it also...bonus if you can find us. It was on HBO last night as well...weird.

#7. I once got 5 out of 6 numbers in the Florida Lottery. I was 20 at the time, talk about something that would have changed your life. The number that I did not have was my birthday...what was I thinking? I could be hip deep in money had I put 12 on that ticket.

#8. I have no since of how loud I am speaking. My volume will increase as I talk to the point of a booming voice from the heavens before I realize that everyone in the room has turned to look at me or my wife is: a) kicking me in the shin under the table, b) pinching me in the side, c) pointing the TV remote at me and saying "MUTE!".


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wed Night Glass Blowing.

My brother Ryan is down from Cali for the week and we have been working on the shed and the Shop pretty much all week. We got a lot done, so as a "hey lets have some fun" I got some time in the shop for both of us. We started early on Wed. and got some pretty cool stuff done. Couple of big thick gravity vases, some cups, and a surprise visit from a film crew.

I will be on the Tube Sunday morning mak'n it happen folks. It is not that big of a deal but I had a lot of fun with the guy that came in to do it. It is sort of a "things to do in Pensacola" kind of thing and I happend to be the guy that was around when they came by. I helped the guy make a Glass Flower and an orniment. Kicked out a quick wine glass for his camerawoman, she was more than tickled about that. It really tried to make it all about the Belmont Arts Center and not about just the glass. It is hard to do that sometimes with me as I will get going and you can't shut me up. Should be interesting to see if I show an extra 10 pounds on the tv. I am sure it looks like I am fresh out of the pool as it was about 102 in and around the glass furnaces.

I will have to set the tivo to grab it Sunday....actually I might not want to see it.....


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Swing on down.

Show turned out well, everything was just as we wanted it and the installation looked pretty darn cool.

Work is out of control of course as I have bucket full of training to take in the next month.

The shop is really starting to take more shape. Ryan and I got the other half of the wall knocked out and framed. I would really like to get the doors done before I leave town.

Furnace is still not in, that is causing a little bit of strife in my planning.

Time to buy a welder and get to work on the Glory Hole (reheating furnace).

My truck is mad at me and making this crazy sounds that can only be summed up as pissed off.

Cats at sick, nothing like waking up to the sound of a puking cat. Not only is the lack of sleep kind of a bummer but honestly you just feel bad for the little buggers. No one likes to be sick and I am sure cats feel the same way.

If I can get my hands on the spammer that seems to think that I am stupid enough to one day open the 1443 different "You've received and e-card form a worshipper!" e-mails that are sent to me everyday I will hoist him/her/it up by it's own petard!! Double !! I hate you!! DIE IN A FIRE!!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Friday Night Glass Show

Sorry no pictures this time guys. I am getting all my stuff together for my show on Friday night durring gallery night. I have plenty of vases for the show that all have the same general kind of feel. I call them gravity vases as that is how you make them. They are very 60's looking and I used a whole host of colors and made them pretty darn big. Well ok the last 2 are pretty big. Ok the last one is big. Ok none of them are big. They are tiny.

Minimolli helped out so much I am not really sure how to thank her. She has been really great with putting up with my on again off again nature with this little project. By that I mean the problems with getting one specific piece together, which in the end, she found a way to fix. We are headed up to "Studio B" this afternoon to set everything up, then I am going to try to talk her into diner at the beach and a couple of drinks so we can relax. Hear that Mini, pack your suit we are hitting the water for a after dark dip...or don't pack it. *GRIN*

I will take a bunch of pictures. Before you perverts ask.... of the glass.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Shop Talk Part#2

This weekend was going to be "the weekend" to finish the outside of the shop. I took Friday off, I had all my supplies, I had the tools, I was ready.

Little did I know that Friday the 13th had other plans for me. I will make it short and say I injured myself...more than once. My truck repairs, turned into spending way to much to fix a problem that did not get fixed. I got dehydrated, then started to have a couple cocktails....this my friends is not a good idea.

MiniMolli has the camera at the house so I will post this and hope that she see it and adds the new pictures that she took showing the progress.

Also, the prizes are not sent yet. I had a little problem at the post office with them going out of the US I was not prepared to deal with. I will have them out shortly.



Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shop Talk

Ok the studio is in full swing in case you have been under a rock and not heard me talking about it. To give you a little update I have knocked out a very large chunk of the west side of my garage. The plan is to build up a span where the wall was and make it about a 72 inch open space under the pergola.

So I took a big step the other day and started knocking the ever loving snot out of my garage wall. Thinking that it was going to be a full day to get it all busted up. Much to my surprise it only took me about 2 hours to take it all apart, due to about 2 million little helpers. That is right folks...termites. The good news is they only took a taster bite years ago and did not stay for the full meal. The corner of my garage shattered like packing foam as I whaled away at it. This turned my medium sized project into a large project. I had to take out the whole corner and rebuild it which proved to be a littler bit harder than I once thought, but now I am schooled in the ways of the wood. That sounded dirty.

Anyway, so I rebuilt the corner and learned a bit about a sagging frame. Again, that sounded dirty. Leverage is a wonderful thing and I got the frame righted and built the way I needed it. Something that I did not foresee was problems finding the siding that I would need. Seeing how this garage was built roughly around the year of 1936 it has been a daunting task finding the right replacement. Then I found it at Building Supply Center and if you need routed or t&g planks this is the place, just get there before 4:30pm or NO WOOD FOR YOU!

So this afternoon I will frame up the outside for the planks and seal up the garage. MiniMolli will not have to look at my blue tarp any longer. I think she started to have blue roof hurricane flashbacks.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Scott & MiniMolli Simpson

If I was in the new simpsons movie this would be me, 15 pounds lighter of course. Brillant marketing ploy I might add. Now the MiniMolli, I think I did a better job on Molli than myself!
Ok prize winners I need those mailing addresses. So far I have Jewels and Rich. Missing Jin and Angel! I may have lost them so I need them again.