Monday, June 11, 2007


Amazing that Jewels has won yet anouther contest. I think she cheats she got second place in the last contest. No one got it on the dot but at 264 she came pretty close. Seeing how she can't also win the "I sent them here prize" because well, I said so, I am creating a 3rd place prize. So here is how it is going to go down my friends.

1st place with a stunning first guess actually calling out she had already won is Jewels.

2nd place with a very close 247 is Angel .

2.5 th place is Jin for sending Angle and seeing how she can't guess like Jewels she gets the link prize.

3rd place is Rich with a 235.

Ok so I got in just under the bell tonight. 11:51 my time...told you I will post it on Tuesday! Cheers to the lucky, and for those that missed out this time. No worries, we will have anouther contest soon!




jin said...

I get a piece!!!

Cool cool contest idea.

I need to do one again at my place soon.

caramaena said...

heh, congrats everyone. I'm green with envy :)

Damsel Underdressed said...

Don't I get a booby prize? I had the right three numbers, just out of order! ;)

King said...

Grats on the win.
I wasn't remotely close.
I stinketh.

snowelf said...

Aw Damn! Sorry Damsel! I tried!

Regardless, that was really fun, Scott... almost as fun as dancing. Hee!


Congrats to the winners!! you guys rock!!

Gnat of Glass said...


Yea I am still waiting for Kookie of the Month club.


No worries, we will have anouther contest soon. I am thinking about doing color tests once my shop at the house is open. When I do that I will make marbles with the tests and use them for prizes. Lots of prizes.


You said booby.


Sorry I did not call back. Movie, you me, jonus, bag of pop corn, and lots of noise. Don't pick anything I would not approve of, IE> I need explosions.


You have no idea!


angel said...

woohoo!!! way cool!!!
nice competition dude! i love your work!

The Phosgene Kid said...

You go Jewels!! Glad to see Jin finally got a "piece"!!

Rich said...

That's so cool, lucky number 3. I really like your work too.

What do I get for third? Is it going to hurt?

Whatever it is, maybe I'll set it free like on your other blog and you can have a piece of glass roaming Australia.

Jewels said...

LMAO! Jin gets a PIECE! ;) Funny Phos!

You, my dear Scott, were a tricky, tricky fella, but I had my system.... Ask Maria! :)
Wow, Thanks! I can't wait to get my piece too!

Hmm, inspiration strikes. I'm updating my website, and as soon as it's up and running, I'm hosting a contest JUST LIKE THIS ONE! 'Cept I'll be using beads instead of marbles, Natch! ;)

Thanks again!

*leaves skipping and signing "I got a she-ell, I got a she-ell..."*

phoenix said...

Hi Gnat came over here from my nieces blog (drama queen) had a wee look at you're other pages too and i just love the idea of you leaving pieces lying out for people to find!! brilliant idea and competitions too Fab!I've heard of people leaving books out in public for people to find ,read and then release back into the wild but mini pieces of your own glass art,inspired.I may just have to go create something now and see where it ends up.

Anonymous said...

My sister lives in Pensacola, and collects art marbles. Do you have a shop or somewhere that sells your work?

The Phosgene Kid said...

How's the glass biz, Gnat??

angel said...

good GRIEF i'm slow- i didn't even realise i'd actually won something apart from second place!!!!!