Friday, June 29, 2007

Contest Update - Tons of Glass Pictures - Shop info - Stop drop and roll I'm on fire!

Hello guys, the above is a picture of a 3 unit piece that I will be displaying at Studio B. MiniMolli has named it "Vintage" which is what I was going for. It really is a small collection of 60's inspired glass pieces that I did over the last week. I think the colors are pretty spot on for the time peroid. Below is the same pieces from a wider view.
The green pieces is about 23 inches high. It is a big piece. Below is a smaller vase that has some robins egg blue and alabaster white. I was doing a truck load of yard work and trimming back the yard forest and brought these trimming in to put in the vase below. I think they look pretty cool.
Here is a close up of the neck of that vase. You can also see a "HUGE!" blue floppy vase in the background. I bet that thing is 18 inches high and at least that wide. I made that for MiniMolli's grandma as she just loves cobalt blue. It is living in it's foster home on the by the window.
This is a collection of 4 pieces that might be in the StudioB show. We have not decided on this grouping yet.
New paperweigth from last week. Kind of the jellyfish look I have been working on.
Same one different view.
This is what I call stage 1 shells from Wed. night. As you can tell I made one that is all blue. I am working on different color patterns for the shells. Using greens and yellow on the outside but I need to start looking for a different base dark color just to have something to switch in and out of.
2 years ago I tried my hand at a wine glass. This is what happend. MiniMolli only uses this glass when drinking wine. It is a bit clunky if you ask me and I should make her anouther one that is much thiner as my skill is much better now, but honestly I don't believe that she would use it. Mini has a thing about "first try" pieces, she ends up keeping anything that was a first try because it is often such a paradigm change of what I was doing that is just fun to have a visual reference what "the first one".
Me trying to get a tortoise shell. I was trying 2 different ways on the same piece. It really looks like the top of the glass is better than the bottom. But I need to adjust some frit sizes to get it to look just like I want..
This is my new work bench that I built for scrap lumber from a place called "Gus's Shuck Shack" which dispite the name was a huge place. The top and middle parts that are blue where doors in the inside of the place. Really thick cedar blanks. I really just ended up building out a frame like any other bench and slapping the doors to the top and middle. It turned out quite well and is and interesting conversation piece when people come over.

Above and below you can see me trying out a new color that I have which is can't remember. Some kind of green, maybe olive green. Anway I made some cups to test the color and a vase. Then I was playing around an put a couple handles on that little thing. I don't know what to call that thing...
Stage2 shells below. That one on top is largest one I have made to date and is heavy as all get out. It has been etched and had the first cut but has not been sanded and polished. The second one has not been etched or had it's first diamond cut. I like the way it looks right now so I am not going to be etching it just sanding and polishing it.
The Three Amigos! Terrible picture of the three amigos but they are cool paperweights and gave me permission to post even a bad picture of them.
The Contest winnings..Finally eh? I brought these to work yesterday to send out durring lunch but forgot to sign all these guys. So I had to take them back to the house. If the winner of the cup has a favorite of the 2 shown let it be known or I am going to pick one for you. I was thinking if it was a girl I would give the orange one. If it's a guy the amber. I will have to look back and see who won and get the right one to them. I will be packing this stuff up this weekend and shipping out on Monday. You can see the 2 marbles that are going out, one all the way "Down Under". Jewels, your shell is calling. I might switch it out, I can't be sure. This one is the current one I am thiking of sending...things might change if that blue one from above turns out really nice...

This think is pretty damn big but has a crack in the neck. Such a was going to be part of the "Vintage" collection but it decided that it would rather jump off the punty right before I put it away. In effect committing itself to the floor model group. They end up living in my yard or near the grouping of misfit paperweights.

This is an old black piece I made about a year ago, I have no idea why I took a picture of it today. I need to make a couple more because I like the pattern I have on this. It is all about the black and the color on top reacting to each other. Still has a bunch of sanding scmuttz on it but you get the idea.
Ok that is it until I have a post about me building my shop. Which is going very well. Just figured everyone would like to see glass not pictures of me cutting wood!
Anyway, this weekend is demo on the garage so more pictures of the shop in progress soon.

Have a great weekend everyone.

PS> Currently listening to The Bravery and I love the new album...did not hurt I saw them and Interpol a couple weeks back live.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Glass Shells everywhere!


11 count them. As you can tell I am playing with the colors and the optic molds on them. I am working them down into what I think is the perfect shell. One of these is going to be the 1st prize from the contest for Jewels. I am learning toward one of the smaller ones that are perfect. The smallest one is just so cute.

This was the second shell ever next to the 3rd ever. You guy remember this one from last time I posted shell pictures.

Here are the larger shells. Notice the ribs, I like the cool new addition.
The inside of the largest one. It really look organic to me.
The Ribb is what I call this one. It is by far the most real looking one and the one that everyone touches first. I will be making more of this design.
The little guys are just cool.

Little guy version2, with clear outter wrap. Nice touch but not sure if I like it.
This is little guy v3, testing out a new color. MiniMolli calls it the dog swirl. Sicko.
More little guys v1.
The Ribb from the side.

Ok that is it, need to call and reserve time for more. I have a show next month durring Gallery Night and the shells are going to be one of the displays. I am going to make a very large clam bowl, fill it with beach sand, add a couple of jellyfish paperweights, Hurricane sand weights, and maybe a starfish or two. Could toss in a sea urchin if I figure out how to make one before then.

You guys have nice weekend.



Thursday, June 21, 2007

Glass Pictures!

Ok so I finally got some picture up of our trip to Pits. This is at the Phipps Center and it was a Dale Chihuly show in the garden. This is basically his traveling show that moves all over the world. It is the same stuff packed up and moved to different locations. No matter what it is pretty impressive.
I will post some picture from the convention soon, but this stuff was just to cool looking to not post first.

I think someone punched me in the back, in fact I think it was CorkChop!


Monday, June 18, 2007

The Glass blowing vacuum

Sorry guys, life has a way of getting a hold on you and slowing down you posting ratio.

Work, work, fun, fun, work, sicky, work,

This is just a quick drive by to let you all know I am still alive and to request that everyone that won a prize last week to send me and e-mail with your shipping details. On a side note I did spend some time this weekend coldworking(think detailing) the winning prizes. So we are ready to go.

Send your shipping info to

Talk to you guys when I have a chance to get some air.


Monday, June 11, 2007


Amazing that Jewels has won yet anouther contest. I think she cheats she got second place in the last contest. No one got it on the dot but at 264 she came pretty close. Seeing how she can't also win the "I sent them here prize" because well, I said so, I am creating a 3rd place prize. So here is how it is going to go down my friends.

1st place with a stunning first guess actually calling out she had already won is Jewels.

2nd place with a very close 247 is Angel .

2.5 th place is Jin for sending Angle and seeing how she can't guess like Jewels she gets the link prize.

3rd place is Rich with a 235.

Ok so I got in just under the bell tonight. 11:51 my time...told you I will post it on Tuesday! Cheers to the lucky, and for those that missed out this time. No worries, we will have anouther contest soon!



Back from Pits.

I just got back in town from the Glass Conference and it was a very interesting. Got to fiddle with all kinds of new tools and glass. I have a couple photos I need to show you guys but that will have to wait until the next post.

Got to meet a bunch of people from Glass, from online (Damsel and Bella Forte), and had a really good time.

Sorry to be so short but I have lots of work to catch up with and get done. I will count the marbles in the vase tonight so this is you last chance to make a guess.

Winners tomorrow!


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Glass Contest Time...make your guess!

Ok so I am off to the Glass conference in Pits this weekend so this is it until Monday. This is a picture of vase I made about 3 years ago with a bunch of marbles inside of it. The contest is very simple this time around, guess the number of marbles inside the vase.

The person that nails it or gets the nearest to the number in the vase wins. I am also asking all of you that have blogs to help me out and let your reader base know about this as I would like to see if someone can actually guess the number on the dot. Plus if they come from your blog I will send you a prize. Here is the top down view. Notice some marbles are bigger than others, keep that in mind. Use the book in the other picture above for size, it is 8 by 10 inches.
So what is the prize going to be? I am thinking something like the following:
1st Place: - One of the new shells, all nice and sanded down. The blog they where sent from will get a Beer Tumbler from Hot Glass Cold Beer Night.
2nd Place: - Hand formed tumbler from my personal collection. I have one in mind. The blog they came from will get Large Marble.
Get to guessing!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Glass pictures. Quicky.

I am just going to post there real quick and then I will post good shots after I have cleaned them up on the cold working equipment. This is about 1/2 of them.
More later.