Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shell Night Pictures

Ok here we go. This is the second gather on making a paperweight. The inside of this is cobalt blue and the outside is clear. All glass glows orange when it is hot. I guess that is why they say "red hot".
Here is that same paperweight with iris gold, copper green on the outside and you can just see the cobalt blue on the insdie where the swirl starts to go transparent. All part of the grand plan!
He is the picture of that same paperweight from the side. Molli made it black and white so that you cold see more of the detail. It is all orange at this point as it has not cooled down enough to start showing it's true color.
Ok peanut butter jelly time! I kid, this is one of the new shells that I was making last night. This one is going to be pretty damn cool.
Here is your leader! I look tired...I think I need a beer.

I will post the results tomorrow so you can see what everything looks like.
PS> Hi Grandma...seems you found my blog.


jin said...

Excellent shots!!!

I will refrain from saying how incredibly awesome that shell looks.

...oops...I really wasn't going to mention the shell...*gasp* there I go again!

Gnat of Glass said...


You know what that is not even what I think will be the best shell. I have some that are going to have swirls on the inside of them.

I really think that the paperweights are going to be pretty cool. They are really just tests for my soon to be made jellyfish. Shells...jellyfish...then I will work out how to make some sanddollars, maybe conch shell, and some drift wood. I am in some kind of little beach loop back right now.


HollyEQQ said...

I think you have found your calling in those shells. You are amazing! The are going to sell like hotcakes. Trust me on this.
I almost came to Open Flame night tonight and I could have bought one, dang it!
Holler when you are ready for a viewing and I am so there.
I hope Molli is feeling better.

caramaena said...

Can't wait to see the finished products. Looks like the pics will be awesome :)

Gnat of Glass said...


Thanks so much. I will be sure to make you a small one next time your are at the shop. I think the ones that are about the size of a silver dollars are just so cute.


I will have to wetsand all the shells to get the final product which is not one of my fav things to do but it just puts them right over the top. Hang in there for the pictures.


Not Ashley said...

I've got to echo everyone's comments in this and the previous post. I love the shells...they are gorgeous!

The Phosgene Kid said...

The shell looks nice - love the colors. The B&W shot looks like a jelly fish...